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21st Century Software Development

D8004857fc10614cfa4dec1bae20f874?s=47 Jez Humble
October 12, 2018

21st Century Software Development


Jez Humble

October 12, 2018


  1. software engineering for the 21st century Jez Humble CTO, DevOps

    Research and Assessment LLC
  2. v model

  3. scrum- fall water-

  4. agile principles our highest priority is to satisfy the customer

    through early and continuous delivery of valuable software
  5. impact mapping Gojko Adzic, Impact Mapping

  6. hypothesis-driven delivery We believe that [building this feature] [for these

    people] will achieve [this outcome]. We will know we are successful when we see [this signal from the market]. Jeff Gothelf “Better product definition with Lean UX and Design” http://bit.ly/TylT6A
  7. experiments Different types of user research, courtesy of Janice Fraser

  8. Jon Jenkins, “Velocity Culture, The Unmet Challenge in Ops” 2011

    | http://bit.ly/1vJo1Ya
  9. “Evaluating well-designed and executed experiments that were designed to improve

    a key metric, only about 1/3 were successful at improving the key metric!” do less “Online Experimentation at Microsoft”, Kohavi et al http://stanford.io/130uW6X
  10. software delivery as a competitive advantage “Firms with high-performing IT

    organizations were twice as likely to exceed their profitability, market share and productivity goals.” http://bit.ly/2014-devops-report
  11. time to restore service lead time for changes deploy frequency

    change fail rate software delivery performance http://bit.ly/2014-devops-report
  12. capabilities that drive high performance Accelerate: The Science of Lean

    Software and DevOps, Forsgren, Humble and Kim 2018
  13. technical practices http://bit.ly/2018-devops-report

  14. lean product development Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and

    DevOps, Forsgren, Humble and Kim 2018
  15. apple macintosh “Instead of arguing about new software ideas, we

    actually tried them out by writing quick prototypes, keeping the ideas that worked best and discarding the others. We always had something running that represented our best thinking at the time.” “The Macintosh Spirit” | http://www.folklore.org/StoryView.py?project=Macintosh&story=The_Macintosh_Spirit.txt
  16. “I think building this culture is the key to innovation.

    Creativity must flow from everywhere. Whether you are a summer intern or the CTO, any good idea must be able to seek an objective test, preferably a test that exposes the idea to real customers. Everyone must be able to experiment, learn, and iterate.” amazon’s innovation culture http://glinden.blogspot.com/2006/04/early-amazon-shopping-cart.html
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