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DevOps Day 2: People and Process

DevOps Day 2: People and Process

DevOps is often heralded as the solution to all the problems within IT - planning, slow delivery, large team, etc. All solved via automation. However, once the dust settles and the new tools are implemented, the more challenging problem begins. Implementation of a DevOps type practice requires change and adaptation of the practices within the framework of the existing culture, and these challenges are often overlooked or poorly addressed. This talk discusses many of these challenges as observed in small and large companies alike, how to plan and execute successfully.

A recording of this presentation at DevOpsDays Berlin 2014 can be seen at http://vimeo.com/110484640. Thanks to the conference for having me.


James Fryman

October 24, 2014

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  1. DevOps: Day 2 People and Process

  2. #realtalk

  3. None
  4. None
  5. James Fryman

  6. None
  7. DevOps is not a Technology Problem

  8. DevOps is a Business Problem

  9. Own It!

  10. Make it Accessible

  11. ChatOps

  12. • Make an interface • Use the interface in public

    when asked • Rinse and Repeat • Get a Beer
  13. Build Hammers

  14. First Hammer Define the Problem

  15. Second Hammer Refine the Solution

  16. Third Hammer Implement Real-World Lessons

  17. Know the Code

  18. Continual Improvement

  19. Grow It!

  20. Ingest/Provide Data

  21. Enable Team Scaling

  22. Conway’s Law impacts Software Design

  23. Train the Future

  24. Share It!

  25. Process Spreads Knowledge

  26. Evaluate Processes

  27. Heroes not welcome

  28. Be a force multiplier

  29. Recap

  30. Mind the Forest

  31. Own Grow Share

  32. Change the Game

  33. Schönen Dank

  34. http://git.io/IPUAfQ