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Codd Award Lecture 2023: A Broader Perspective On Declarativity

Codd Award Lecture 2023: A Broader Perspective On Declarativity

A short talk given at the awards ceremony, SIGMOD 2023. The talk advocates for adapting Codd's tradition of declarative programming beyond relational databases to the full breadth of computing. QR codes are given to a few exemplary resources along the way from my team's work.

Thanks are given to family, mentors, students and postdocs as well.

Joe Hellerstein

June 24, 2023

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  1. Declarative Programming for the Cloud Relational databases were invented to

    hide how data is laid out and how queries are executed. The cloud was invented to hide how computing resources are laid out and how computations are executed.
  2. 20 Berkeley DB Colleagues Mike Stonebraker Mike Franklin Alvin Cheung

    Natacha Crooks Joey Gonzalez Aditya Parameswaran
  3. 21 I have learned much from my teachers and even

    more from my friends, but from my students I have learned more than from all of them. פ ר ק י א ב ו ת PIRKEI AVOT
  4. 22 Marcel Kornacker Vijayshankar Raman Megan Thomas Amol Deshpande Sam

    Madden Mehul Shah Boon Thau Loo Fred Reiss Ryan Huebsch David Chu (1) Alexandra Meliou Tyson Condie Daisy Zhe Wang Kuang Chen Azza Abouzied Sean Kandel Neil Conway Peter Alvaro Peter Bailis Vikram Sreekanti Chenggang Wu Yifan Wu Michael Whittaker Johann Schleier-Smith Rolando Garcia David Chu (2) Shadaj Laddad Conor Power Chris Douglas PhD Students
  5. 28 A note on imagery Edward Codd, database pioneer and

    Turing Award winner, has long been an inspiration to many of us in computing. Outside of the classic IBM photo on the opening slides, the remaining images in this deck were generated via AI based on that photo. These were not intended to be faithful representations of Dr. Codd (indeed, that was not really possible with the publicly-available tools), but rather visual representations for the ongoing impact of his work on computer science. With respect, Joe Hellerstein, June 22, 2023