Ship It Faster With Kanban (PHP Benelux 2015)

44a352b02a91a9e841da7533bc5d9b8e?s=47 Josh Butts
January 24, 2015

Ship It Faster With Kanban (PHP Benelux 2015)

Scrum is so last-decade. The Kanban method for managing software projects lowers the barrier to shipping working code and dramatically reduces the project management overhead for engineers participating in the process. In short, Kanban allows engineers and product groups to deliver value to the business at a very rapid pace, while still maintaining some sanity. Kanban is an excellent complement to the technical aspects of a continuous delivery process. We’ll learn what Kanban means to your team, how to get started transitioning to it, and how to avoid common mistakes.


Josh Butts

January 24, 2015