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2017 Year in Review and a Look Ahead: WordPress St Petersburg

Jim True
January 05, 2018

2017 Year in Review and a Look Ahead: WordPress St Petersburg

Our first meetup of the New Year! We'll be going over what we covered last year (including what folks wanted us to talk about) and making plans for 2018. Make sure you attend and get your feedback counted! We will ask everyone what they would like to accomplish/learn/teach this year and we'll put it on our list, just like last year. This is always a good kickstart to our plans and talking schedule for the year.

Jim True

January 05, 2018

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 [case sensitive] 2017: Year in Review And a Look Ahead WordPress St. Petersburg
  2. 14 Meetups
 (1/month and 4 months with 2!) 5 Guest

    Speakers Average: 20 Attendees/Meetup Videos! 8 Meetups on YouTube Launched New Meetup Page 
 (WordPress St. Petersburg) What did we do in 2017?
  3. 2017 Review JAN
 Plan Before You Build FEB
 2017 Planning

 Level-up Development* APR
 Speaking Client: Projects MAY
 What’s My Role: Membership JUN
 Start With Why (Discovery) *
 Ethical Pricing: Burn Rate JUL
 Understanding WP Vulnerabilities
 (Security) *
 Workshop: Gravity Forms/Mailchimp AUG
 Grow Beyond Posts & Pages: Pods! SEP
 Iron Yard Closed! :( NOV
 Agile Project Management * DEC
 Workshop: Ask Me Anything
 Matt Mullenweg Q&A *
  4. WishList of Topics (Completed) Finding Your Niche • Start with

    Why Working with Special Website Cases: • Membership Sites Speaking Client • Ethical Pricing Strategies • Finding your Burn Rate and Pricing to keep you happy • The Project Lifecycle, Discovery and Handling Scope Creep • Explaining Technical Things to Non-Technical People Project Management • The Project Lifecycle, Discovery and Handling Scope Creep
  5. WishList of Topics (Remainder) • How to make your business

    model unique • How to find the job that's going to make you happy (wake you up in the morning) • BuddyPress • Multisite • eCommerce +++ • Performance Tuning (Images, Pages, Speed, etc.) • Speed & Caching Tricks • Image Optimization / Plugin Optimization • Site Checklist for Healthy Sites • Too Many Plugins • Choosing Healthy Themes • Troubleshooting CPANEL, PHP & DB Issues • Malfunctioning Plugins & Themes • White Screen of Death (How to recover) • Effective Triage -> Get Back to Live (Recover the heartbeat first) • Stealing, (ahem), "Modeling" Great Sites for Design & Functionality • Minimum Viable Product, or MVP • Theme vs. Development: Choosing Themes & Plugins • Contract Negotiation
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