What's My Role: Membership Sites in WordPress

What's My Role: Membership Sites in WordPress

Roles & Capabilities are one of the more complicated (and powerful) features of WordPress. We'll be talking a logical organizational framework for setting up a Membership/Protected Content website:

• Members Plugin, for understanding the Roles & Capabilities and a non-code way to protect WordPress Content

• Defining additional roles without modifying existing ones for access

• Other plugins that help in simplifying the Admin Area and that work with Roles & Capabilities

• Resource List of Reviewed or Recommended Premium Membership/Protected Content Plugins.

You should have plenty of experience with adding users in WordPress and working with Plugins to benefit the most from this talk. This will be a technical discussion and we'll be discussing why you'd want to protect some content or protect the ability of certain users to post content.


Jim True

May 04, 2017