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Managing Multiple WordPress Sites: An Open Forum Discussion & Demonstration

Jim True
February 18, 2020

Managing Multiple WordPress Sites: An Open Forum Discussion & Demonstration

If you're a freelancer or run an agency, you've more than likely been in a situation where you have to manage multiple installations of WordPress. How do you handle your backups?
How do you manage your plugin & theme updates?
How do you monitor if your websites are working?
How do you turn off a site if the client stops paying?

We'll be doing an open forum guided discussion because everyone has good ideas when it comes to managing multiple websites. If you have a tool (or tools) you prefer, please come prepared to discuss them.

Tools Reviewed:
InfiniteWP: https://infinitewp.com
iThemes Sync: https://ithemes.com/sync/
JetPack: https://jetpack.com
MainWP: https://mainwp.com
ManageWP: https://managewp.com

Video on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/VzWC5W3mFe8

Jim True

February 18, 2020

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  1. Managing Multiple WordPress Sites An Open Forum Discussion & Demonstration

    WordPress St. Petersburg
  2. WordPress St. Petersburg Downtown St. Pete, 1st & 3rd TUESDAYS

    / Monthly Suncoast Developers Guild 2220 Central Avenue, St. Pete, FL 33712 Meetup: https://meetup.com/WordPress-St-Petersburg Web: https://wptampabay.org Slack Chat | Facebook Group | Meetups A Member of WordPress Tampa Bay Network
  3. Jim True @jimtrue, jimtrue.com Support Engineer, Gravity Forms https://gravityforms.com

  4. What We’re Discussing Tonight • Minimum Toolbox: What you need

    to manage multiple sites • Additional Tools: Utilities that help round out your management capabilities. • Host Provided Tools: What you can do for “free” • Plugin Provided Tools & Services: Plugins & Services • Open Discussion: What tools do you use and what do you like and hate about ‘em?
  5. Minimum Toolbox UPDATES WordPress Plugins Themes BACKUPS Database Files MONITORING

    Uptime MANAGEMENT Users Passwords
  6. UPDATES Toolbox UPDATES WordPress Plugins Themes • Accessed under Dashboard,

    Updates. Visible under Plugins. • WP Updates are CORE, Major & Minor/Critical/Maintenance • Maintenance & Critical Updates can be handled through wp_config.php settings • Most Managed Hosting Platforms will perform WP Updates automatically • Plugins & Themes, can be either Major or Minor updates Don’t Even THINK about Updating without BACKUPS FIRST!
  7. BACKUPS Toolbox BACKUPS Database Files • Backing Up is CRITICAL

    before performing updates! • DB Backup through phpMySQLAdmin (cPanel) • File backup is everything in the installation directory • Most WP Backups are full DB MySQL Dump (as a file) and the entire installation directory Zipped Up Updates CAN Touch BOTH the DB & Files ie, WooCommerce, WP (some), Membership, Huge Content Management
  8. Backup & Update Workflow LIVE STAGING FREEZE • NEVER Update

    on LIVE Site • Backup to STAGING • FREEZE Changes on LIVE • UPDATE on Staging and TEST, TEST, TEST! • Update LIVE after Testing OR Copy Staging over LIVE UPDATE LIVE STAGING
  9. MONITORING Toolbox MONITORING Uptime • MINIMUM Ping Test to the

    Website • UpTime Robot • Ideally should ALERT when DOWN and when UP • Best Alerts use SMS, Email, & Twitter You Wanna Know BEFORE Your Client Knows!
  10. MANAGEMENT Toolbox MANAGEMENT Users Passwords • Manage your ADMIN Username/Email

    & Password • Ideally also track cPanel, MySQL DB, FTP/SFTP Locations, UserNames, Ports & Passwords • LastPass, 1Password DO NOT Use Same Password For Everything!!!
  11. Host Provided Tools • cPanel: File Backups, User & Password

    Creation, phpMyAdmin • Managed WordPress Hosts: WPEngine, FlyWheel, SiteGround, etc. • Managed Hosts do SnapShot Backups & Restores, Backups to Staging, Staging to Production • Usually Manage WordPress Updates • Almost always include SOME level of UpTime Monitoring • Reseller Tools are MORE Flexible
  12. Additional Tools SECURITY Malware Security REPORTING User Reports MISCELLANEOUS Analytics

    Page & Post Management • Malware Scanning & WordFence Security • Branded User Maintenance Reports • SEO Checking & Google Analytics • Page & Post Management • Comment Management
  13. Infinite WP • Installs on YOUR Web Server (cPanel) •

    Plugin Runs on Websites you Manage • FREE provides 1-click Access, Updates, Backups & Uptime Monitoring • Premium EVERYTHING! https://infinitewp.com/
  14. iThemes Sync Pro • Dashboard & Client install as WP

    Plugins • BackupBuddy • Sync is Cloud Offsite Sync for Backups • Premium includes many features https://ithemes.com/sync/
  15. JetPack • Requires WordPress.com account • JetPack Plugin on your

    WP Site • Management in WordPress.com Dashboard • FREE includes Plugin & Theme Updates, WP Updates, User Management, Brute Force Protection, Some Reporting • VaultPress, etc. is PREMIUM https://jetpack.com
  16. MainWP • Dashboard & Client install as WP Plugins •

    Updates, Remote Login, Security, Page & Post Management • Additional Functionality added by Extensions • Core Plugin is free, Extensions are Premium https://mainwp.com/
  17. ManageWP • Dashboard & Client install as WP Plugins •

    Can Manage on Cloud or Dashboard Install • Updates, Backups, Remote Login included • Premium includes many additional features https://managewp.com
  18. Open Discussion & Questions

  19. Thank You!