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Managing Multiple WordPress Sites: An Open Forum Discussion & Demonstration

Jim True
February 18, 2020

Managing Multiple WordPress Sites: An Open Forum Discussion & Demonstration

If you're a freelancer or run an agency, you've more than likely been in a situation where you have to manage multiple installations of WordPress. How do you handle your backups?
How do you manage your plugin & theme updates?
How do you monitor if your websites are working?
How do you turn off a site if the client stops paying?

We'll be doing an open forum guided discussion because everyone has good ideas when it comes to managing multiple websites. If you have a tool (or tools) you prefer, please come prepared to discuss them.

Tools Reviewed:
InfiniteWP: https://infinitewp.com
iThemes Sync: https://ithemes.com/sync/
JetPack: https://jetpack.com
MainWP: https://mainwp.com
ManageWP: https://managewp.com

Video on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/VzWC5W3mFe8

Jim True

February 18, 2020

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  1. WordPress St. Petersburg Downtown St. Pete, 1st & 3rd TUESDAYS

    / Monthly Suncoast Developers Guild 2220 Central Avenue, St. Pete, FL 33712 Meetup: https://meetup.com/WordPress-St-Petersburg Web: https://wptampabay.org Slack Chat | Facebook Group | Meetups A Member of WordPress Tampa Bay Network
  2. What We’re Discussing Tonight • Minimum Toolbox: What you need

    to manage multiple sites • Additional Tools: Utilities that help round out your management capabilities. • Host Provided Tools: What you can do for “free” • Plugin Provided Tools & Services: Plugins & Services • Open Discussion: What tools do you use and what do you like and hate about ‘em?
  3. UPDATES Toolbox UPDATES WordPress Plugins Themes • Accessed under Dashboard,

    Updates. Visible under Plugins. • WP Updates are CORE, Major & Minor/Critical/Maintenance • Maintenance & Critical Updates can be handled through wp_config.php settings • Most Managed Hosting Platforms will perform WP Updates automatically • Plugins & Themes, can be either Major or Minor updates Don’t Even THINK about Updating without BACKUPS FIRST!
  4. BACKUPS Toolbox BACKUPS Database Files • Backing Up is CRITICAL

    before performing updates! • DB Backup through phpMySQLAdmin (cPanel) • File backup is everything in the installation directory • Most WP Backups are full DB MySQL Dump (as a file) and the entire installation directory Zipped Up Updates CAN Touch BOTH the DB & Files ie, WooCommerce, WP (some), Membership, Huge Content Management
  5. Backup & Update Workflow LIVE STAGING FREEZE • NEVER Update

    on LIVE Site • Backup to STAGING • FREEZE Changes on LIVE • UPDATE on Staging and TEST, TEST, TEST! • Update LIVE after Testing OR Copy Staging over LIVE UPDATE LIVE STAGING
  6. MONITORING Toolbox MONITORING Uptime • MINIMUM Ping Test to the

    Website • UpTime Robot • Ideally should ALERT when DOWN and when UP • Best Alerts use SMS, Email, & Twitter You Wanna Know BEFORE Your Client Knows!
  7. MANAGEMENT Toolbox MANAGEMENT Users Passwords • Manage your ADMIN Username/Email

    & Password • Ideally also track cPanel, MySQL DB, FTP/SFTP Locations, UserNames, Ports & Passwords • LastPass, 1Password DO NOT Use Same Password For Everything!!!
  8. Host Provided Tools • cPanel: File Backups, User & Password

    Creation, phpMyAdmin • Managed WordPress Hosts: WPEngine, FlyWheel, SiteGround, etc. • Managed Hosts do SnapShot Backups & Restores, Backups to Staging, Staging to Production • Usually Manage WordPress Updates • Almost always include SOME level of UpTime Monitoring • Reseller Tools are MORE Flexible
  9. Additional Tools SECURITY Malware Security REPORTING User Reports MISCELLANEOUS Analytics

    Page & Post Management • Malware Scanning & WordFence Security • Branded User Maintenance Reports • SEO Checking & Google Analytics • Page & Post Management • Comment Management
  10. Infinite WP • Installs on YOUR Web Server (cPanel) •

    Plugin Runs on Websites you Manage • FREE provides 1-click Access, Updates, Backups & Uptime Monitoring • Premium EVERYTHING! https://infinitewp.com/
  11. iThemes Sync Pro • Dashboard & Client install as WP

    Plugins • BackupBuddy • Sync is Cloud Offsite Sync for Backups • Premium includes many features https://ithemes.com/sync/
  12. JetPack • Requires WordPress.com account • JetPack Plugin on your

    WP Site • Management in WordPress.com Dashboard • FREE includes Plugin & Theme Updates, WP Updates, User Management, Brute Force Protection, Some Reporting • VaultPress, etc. is PREMIUM https://jetpack.com
  13. MainWP • Dashboard & Client install as WP Plugins •

    Updates, Remote Login, Security, Page & Post Management • Additional Functionality added by Extensions • Core Plugin is free, Extensions are Premium https://mainwp.com/
  14. ManageWP • Dashboard & Client install as WP Plugins •

    Can Manage on Cloud or Dashboard Install • Updates, Backups, Remote Login included • Premium includes many additional features https://managewp.com