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Women Empowerment - Personal Branding

Women Empowerment - Personal Branding

Comment présenter ce que je suis et fais ?
Rendre sa valeur tangible !

by Julien Landuré & Lise Quesnel

Julien Landuré

March 09, 2022

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  1. Introduction @jlandure Julien Landuré GDG Organizer GDE Cloud CTO Zenika

    jlandure.dev twitter.com/jlandure linkedin.com/in/jlandure github.com/jlandure @QuesnelLise Lise Quesnel Dev Lead Dev Consultante Web Zenika twitter.com/QuesnelLise linkedin.com/in/lisequesnel github.com/lisequesnel
  2. SEO

  3. As a Speaker “ I’m working on a talk about

    Y. What do you think? “ I submitted to @voxxedsingapore “ I’ve been accepted! Thanks @voxxedsingapore “ I’ll be @voxxedsingapore tomorrow. Come to see me and discuss about Y “ It was a great event. Here is my slides and links to Y. Available to discuss” “ Thanks to the organizing team... “ My video @voxxedsingapore is out!
  4. Pros # Do what you love! # Advance your career

    # Help your network # Have impact
  5. Start with ... What’s your objectives ? Talk with authenticity

    Get help What to do NOW : support someone else