From EventStorming to CoDDDing @ NextBuild 2018

Bf5494be4dd7a8e936cd964374d86eb0?s=47 João Rosa
September 29, 2018

From EventStorming to CoDDDing @ NextBuild 2018

To really understand what our users need so that we can build the right thing, we want to have a first-hand experience of ‘real-life stories’ before we model and create our software. To quote Alberto Brandolini “it is not the domain expert’s knowledge that goes into production, it is the developer’s assumption of that knowledge that goes into production”. Event Storming is a visual technique that minimizes assumptions by engaging in collaborative deliberate learning across different disciplines. This helps to solve complex business problems in the most effective way.

Although the learning of the domain helps us to understand the domain better, Event Storming can be quite an overwhelming experience. Developers can be left with the question of how to turn a few stickies on a wall into working code.

Join us in this talk in which we show the basic principles of Event Storming. We will cover the different forms of Event Storming and in which situation they best can be applied. And, we will show how you can leverage DDD (Domain-Driven Design) patterns in an Event Storming software modelling session that will ultimately result in coding TDD (Test Driven Development) style!


João Rosa

September 29, 2018