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The making of Falcon Pro 3

The making of Falcon Pro 3

Lessons learned from building Falcon Pro 3

joaquim Vergès

February 03, 2015

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  1. START CODING Multi Activity vs single Activity Back stack? →

    new activity! Inside one activity → reusable fragment(s) Notif Notif / Intent filter Notif / Intent filter
  2. CACHING: ORMLite vs Realm ORMLite SQLite based. full java, open

    source Realm TightDB based. Closed source C++ core, open source java bindings
  3. THE BAD: API FAIL Oh google… ListView : 3,905 lines

    of code + 7,314 lines in AbsListView RecyclerView : One giant class with 8,427 lines of code Requires work to port from listview
  4. THE GOOD: - free, extensible insert/remove animations - handles position

    changes much better - default implementation performs well

    view hierarchy • Allocations on critical path • Overdraw USE THE PROVIDED TOOLS • GPU rendering profiling • Tracer for OpenGL • Memory Monitor • Allocation tracker
  6. CRASH REPORTING & ANALYTICS Crashlytics + Answers • just the

    metrics you need • solid crash reporting tool only downside: • no custom events
  7. SECURITY Paid app? be careful • Proguard • LVL is

    over hacked • IAP > paid app • custom server logic
  8. PUBLISH The poor’s man marketing material: • video: adb shell

    screenrecord • simple banner • framed screenshots • launcher icon
  9. RELEASE EARLY & ITERATE User driven development! • lets the

    users feel like they’re part of the project. • automatic todo list & great engagement. • fix a user’s problem, he becomes your best customer