You/Me/Us: Collaboration, Storytelling, & Technology

E4baf569e4cbf054d847d094da36e1d1?s=47 John Ryan
November 17, 2016

You/Me/Us: Collaboration, Storytelling, & Technology

Workshop, Chaos at the Musuem, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Contemporary technologies promise a move from a one-way broadcast to collective storytelling, and yet many of our interactions with technology are isolating and non-collaborative. At Local Projects, we design technology for museums and public spaces that enables participation, storytelling, and social interaction.

This workshop examined the methodology behind Local Projects’ award-winning work. Participants undertook a series of exercises that the studio uses early in a project to identify opportunities, define strategies, and develop concepts. The workshop finished with a survey of both lo-fi and high-tech tools that might be used to prototype such ideas.


John Ryan

November 17, 2016