High Tech meets Human Touch

E4baf569e4cbf054d847d094da36e1d1?s=47 John Ryan
May 15, 2017

High Tech meets Human Touch

Opening keynote at the 2017 Museums & Galleries of Australia Conference, Brisbane:

”New landscapes are emerging that blend technology, architecture, and the people that inhabit them in increasingly complex ways. How can such museum experiences be designed to foster meaningful human connections and interactions?

This question is central to the work produced by Local Projects, an experience design firm, based in New York, USA. The studio has won multiple awards for groundbreaking projects that integrate architecture and digital media, including the 9/11 Memorial Museum, the Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, and Gallery One at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Their work has enabled visitors to browse an art museum’s collection with facial expressions, monitored brain activity as visitors explore a science museum, and turned visitors into designers with an interactive pen.

To create captivating innovative environments that remain sensitive to the human scale, Local Projects leverages emotional storytelling, visitor participation, and shared social interactions. Their interdisciplinary team of architects, designers and technologists design experiences that encourage visitors to fully engage with body, heart, and mind.

John Ryan, Creative Director and Director of Interaction Design at Local Projects, will share the studio’s groundbreaking projects and investigate the design principles that have informed them, examining how such experiences can be both innovative and meaningful.”


John Ryan

May 15, 2017