Space, the Final Frontier: Designing Interactions Beyond the Screen

E4baf569e4cbf054d847d094da36e1d1?s=47 John Ryan
February 06, 2017

Space, the Final Frontier: Designing Interactions Beyond the Screen

How can ‘real’ space pull its interactive weight in the era of ubiquitous mobile computing?

Local Projects is an interactive design studio whose work has been bleeding off screens (and between disciplines) into objects and architecture during the past few years: houses that come to life with the story of their inhabitants, augmented-reality characters who guide you around museums, and physical DNA building blocks that children can use to create new lifeforms.

Eric and John, who lead technical and design teams at the studio, will share some challenges, triumphs, and insights into embedding interactions in physical systems:

— Examining the ‘skeuomorphic-cycle’: How physical affordances inspired digital paradigms which are now feeding back into physical interactions.
— Exploring new boundaries: How do we create seamless ‘interfaces’ between the digital and the physical?
— Identifying opportunities: What new experiences are possible as devices become increasingly spatially-aware, and sense a user’s presence, state, or emotion?

Logistically, creating these kinds of interactions — even in low quantities — is easier and cheaper than it has ever been, but the freedom this entails amplifies design challenges. This talk equips you with some approaches and paradigms as you step into this exciting new realm for interaction design.

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Presented with Eric Mika at Interaction17, NYC:


John Ryan

February 06, 2017