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Scale-Oriented Architecture with Microservices

John Sheehan
February 10, 2015

Scale-Oriented Architecture with Microservices

A look into how we've built Runscope using a microservice architecture.

John Sheehan

February 10, 2015

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  1. runscope.com Runscope URLs Identity Request Vault api.runscope.com Eventador Calculon Courier

    Mission Control Passageway go-proxy Warp Pipe go-radar Events Auth Service File Cabinet Script Processor Atlas Archivist Prometheus Billing Scorekeeper
  2. • Service discovery • service://identity/... • Retry failed GETs •

    Run HTTP requests asynchronously • Log with Runscope Traffic Inspector Smart Client
  3. url = "https://ec2-23-212-199-23.us-west-2.amazonaws.com" resp = requests.get(url) if resp.ok: return resp.json()

    else: # retry? return None def get_user(id): def main(): user = get_user(id) print user["name"]
  4. class Identity def get_user(id): url = "service://identity/users/" + id resp

    = smart_client.get(url) if resp.ok: return User(resp.json()) return AnonymousUser() from Identity import get_user def main(): user = get_user(id) print user.name Auto-locate service Smart retries
  5. • Built-in healthcheck/heartbeat endpoints • Automatic, realm-aware service registry •

    Common logging and metrics framework • Simplified dependency management Smart Service