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Glue 2015: Microservices - More than just a buzzword.

Glue 2015: Microservices - More than just a buzzword.

John Sheehan

May 21, 2015

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  1. Some of what's new in software development since SOA was

    cool: Node.js DevOps Docker AWS GitHub JSON APIs NoSQL Go Stack Overflow Hadoop jQuery CI/CD
  2. MICROSERVICE ARCHITECTURE (MSA) A style of service-oriented architecture that emphasizes

    decentralization and deliverability. MICROSERVICE Self-contained service with single “job to be done” and exposed via an API. The atomic unit of an MSA.
  3. • Service discovery • service://identity/... • Retry failed GETs •

    Run HTTP requests asynchronously • Log with Runscope Traffic Inspector Smart Client
  4. Built-in healthcheck/heartbeat endpoints Automatic, realm-aware service registry Common logging and

    metrics framework Simplified dependency management Smart Service