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<textarea distributed>: An illustrated intro to CRDTs

Jason Orendorff
January 11, 2021

<textarea distributed>: An illustrated intro to CRDTs

Nodevember 2016.

[Full text of this talk](https://github.com/jorendorff/talks/blob/master/textarea-distributed/textarea-distributed.md) (much better than slides).

[Video of this talk](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCkSLX7nR9Y) (still better than slides).

Jason Orendorff

January 11, 2021


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  4. shape of time can get strange

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  14. …and that’s what I want to show you today. …go

    to this URL…
  15. I do want to take a moment before we begin

    to ask you to participate in the spirit of the thing.
  16. bit.ly/nv-clobber

  17. None
  18. This is the full state of our shared text editor.

    just a global string variable a text file is just a string
  19. I'm using a library called socket.io to handle networking between

    the browser and the server, because this talk isn't about networking. - simplest thing I could think of
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  30. bit.ly/nv-quill

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  35. bit.ly/nv-univax OK, obviously this works great, but it's not perfect.

    Let's say we want to collaborate and I'm in London… speed of light
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  41. …This approach is solid, but it hardcodes network latency right

    into the app. And it's at this point that I get a little frustrated. Why is this so hard?
  42. All we want to do is edit a text file.

  43. This should be easy.

  44. Instead we keep failing. Just one approach after another stinks,

  45. and the kids are starting to ask their mother, "Why

    is daddy so angry all the time?"
  46. None
  47. We could keep trying things, … So here's my question

    for you.
  48. None
  49. (discuss before next slide)

  50. if you work on web sites long enough… I picked

    text editing because it's little,…
  51. … the speed of light? It is just a fact

    of life … How do we rephrase this requirement as something possible?
  52. None
  53. And at the end we'll see if I ever actually

    got my collaborative text editor working, but for now we're going to set that aside …
  54. It's a kind of value that a computer knows how

    to deal with…
  55. String Number Array

  56. String Number Array text number sequence of values

  57. String Number Array text number sequence of values +, slice,

    replace, etc. +, -, *, Math.sqrt(), etc. arr[i], push, sort, etc.
  58. None
  59. 100% desirable… And that's all a CRDT is… example in

    a second. data type + ops over network + rules for conflicts …would solve our problem?
  60. String Now, a plain old string is not a CRDT.

    (why) But! … takes space … general pattern … add bookkeeping … not just text … history because conflicts.
  61. String +=

  62. This paper is only five years old.

  63. You can see … same things I’ve been talking about

    … … rethinking the fundamentals of programming and even of how we think about time … 14th example in this paper …
  64. None
  65. Their implementation is 38 lines of pseudocode. It took me

    about 200 lines of JS.
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  69. You would want to optimize.

  70. None
  71. bit.ly/nv-peeredit

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  76. None
  77. github.com/jorendorff/peeredit