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Cimentoplastie cotyle J.Palussière

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November 03, 2013

Cimentoplastie cotyle J.Palussière



November 03, 2013


  1. Cimentoplastie cotyle J. Palussière Institut Bergonié Bordeaux 10 Février 2012

  2. ACETABULUM Lytic tumoral invasion of the acetabulum is frequent causing

    : pathologic fractures pain disability Percutaneous cementoplasty since 1995 A.Cotten Radiology
  3. ACETABULUM : When the weight-bearing part is involved Extent of

    dome Column involvement 3D reconstruction CT+++ to assess location/extent of the lytic process presence of cortical destruction or fracture presence of soft tissue involvement
  4. How? under CT control fluoroscopy guided combining the 2 modalities

    general anesthesia local anesthesia + sedation
  5. Is a cortical lysis a CI?

  6. Is a cortical lysis a CI?

  7. Is a cortical lysis a CI?

  8. Is a cortical lysis a CI?

  9. CT before and after

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  19. Sup and inf pubic rami To fill progressively in different

  20. Sup and Inf pubic rami : A good knowledge of

    pelvic anatomic noble structures (art and nerves) is mandatory Under Fluoroscopic guidance A Kelekis JVIR 2005
  21. Blastic?

  22. Complications Leakage into the hip joint - to stop cement

    injection - to passively move the lower limb to shape the cement into the joint But a rapid chondrolysis after an intra-articular leak of bone cement LeclairA Gangi A Skeletal radiol. 2000 May Pulmonary embolism leakage into the pelvic veins (gluteal)
  23. Results Pain Improvement in walking A. Cotten Radiology 1995 11

    patients 9/11 pain relief , walking improved in each PY Marcy Support Care cancer 2000 18 patients Improvement in pain and walking 81,8% except 1 patient acetabular fracture Fracture long term follow up
  24. G Anselmetti CVIR 2008 50 patients (19 pelvic bone) Pain

    was not improved in 6% of the patients
  25. Woman 52 y uterine cancer acetabular metastasis treated with radiotherapy

  26. Short procedure, few secondary effects : less pain and discomfort,

    reduced recovery time, short hospital stay-all, Acetabulum : Complete filling during multiple sessions ! ! ! To take care to ant. and post. Column