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Professional Resume

Professional Resume

Professional Resume (Mid 2015)


João Pinho

June 11, 2015

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  1. Curriculum Vitae © European Union, 2002-2015 | http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu Page 1

    / 4 João Pinho Portugal, Lisbon (+351) 961 905 059 jpe.pinho@gmail.com Skype: jpe.pinho pinho.icodebox.net (blog) | pt.linkedin.com/in/joaoppinho Birth:1988 | Nationality: Portuguese WORK EXPERIENCE Date/Employer Apr-2015 Actual Training Position Professional Speaker Description Lectured the course M20480B – Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3, during 2 weeks. Technologies JavaScript Programming, WebSockets, WebWorkers, SVG Animations, CSS3 Transitions, Session/Local Storage, IndexedDB and other HTML5 APIs. Date/OSS Jan-2015 OpenSource Initiative – Product Lauch! Role Product Architect and Creator Product Name SOABA / SOA for Building Automation (OSS) Description This product provides a RESTful API for accessing building automation devices through an unified HTTP interface. Built on top of Calimero, SOABA currently supports interaction with KNX gateways and is prepared for receiving other building automation protocols. I started this Open Source project during my Master Thesis to get a better grasp of the difficulties involved on the challenge of interfacing with building automation technologies. Currently I have an hobbyist user using this in France. To show what I have built, I also developed an website available here: http://soaba.icodebox.net. Technologies Server: Java 1.7, Restlet 2.3, Calimero, Stormpath for Authentication. Web Client: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Highcharts, DataTablesJS. Date/Employer Jul-2014 to Oct-2014 (4 months) bimK – Provide Results, Lda Position Sr. Software Developer / Dev. Lead (Freelancer) Activities and Responsibilities My main activities on this project included mentoring and coordination of the software development team. There I implemented Scrum Management techniques to solve estrangements faced by the team and to be able to understand how to improve its performance and moral. Besides managing, I also took an active role programming backend services. One of my first accomplish- ments was the implementation of Ebean ORM to deal with entities persistence. Technologies Server: Play2 Framework—MVC with Views in Scala, —PostgreSQL, Java 1.7, OSGi (initially, we quit on this technology later, due to the negative ratio of benefit/overhead), Ebean. Web Client: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, Modernizr, Bootstrap, Jasny Bootstrap, DataTablesJS. Date/Employer Oct-2013 to Dez-2013 (2 months) | May 2014 (1 month) Portugal Telecom, S.A – CST (Lx, Portugal) Position Sr. Software Developer (Freelancer) Activities and Responsibilities My main activities involved the creation of a Joomla template tailored to customer requirements, the elaboration of a Gantt Chart for project management and team feedback of development progress, and I also coordinated the work with a colleague (which I hired) to help me out finishing the project on time. Additionally, some months after the go-live, I extended the original solution with a login system to a functionality that enables customers to check information about their internet traffic vs contracted. This feature involved integration with Portugal Telecom’s internal systems through XML Web Services. Technologies Server: Joomla 3.0, PHP5, MySQL. Frontend: HTML5, jQuery, jQuery UI, CSS3. Date/Employer Nov-2011 to Jul-2013 (2 yr & 9 months) FreshCloud, Lda. (Lx, Portugal) Position Sr. Software Developer Activities and Responsibilities Main responsibilities involved the bradding of SharePoint Web Applications according to custom layouts designed by contracted agencies. Development of custom Web Parts (SharePoint Components), Master Pages, Event Listeners and XSLT’s for styling XML Content providing from Content Query Web Parts (CQWP). My most challenging project was the Migration of Sonae Intranet from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010. To achieve it our team performed the migration of large datasets of data to new databases with SharePoint 2010 format. Dataset sizes rounded the 100-200GB each. After the migration we also had to fix, stabilize and give support to all Sonae users. Average users affected rounded something between 200 to 500 users. Aside from SharePoint projects I also developed many HTML5 and JavaScript based websites. And had the
  2. João Pinho © European Union, 2002-2015 | http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu Page 2

    / 4 opportunity to implement also an Outlook Add-in with Ribbon Actions, to process and organize massive amounts of emails for one of our clients. Technologies SharePoint Server 2007, 2010, 2013. WCF Services (Http Binding) to build REST services (using JSON serialization). VSTO, VBA for Excel, C#, .NET 3.5, ASP.NET, XML Web Services, XSLT, XSD, PowerShell, HTML, JavaScript, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery, SQL Server, Wordpress. Date/Employer Mar-2010 to Mar-2013 (3 yr.) IberiTech, Lda (Lx, Portugal) Position Software Developer (Contractor) Activities and Responsibilities My main responsibilities involved maintaining the code base of IberiTech’s ERP solutions, fixing bugs and developing new features. The most challenging task performed at this client, was the implementation of the new versions of SAF-T_PT specification, which involved the exportation of invoicing data to XML and validation with a XSD available at the Portuguese Tax System (PT-TS) website. This work required also the implementation of a connector to the PT-TS Web Services, to communicate documents and their checksum signatures to help the PT-TS better control the invoicing anomalies. This was a critical software component, were errors would involve highly bureaucratic processes with PT-TS. Technologies VB.NET, C#, .NET 2.0, .NET 3.5, VB6, COM Interop, XML Web Services, Custom SOAP Objects, XSD, XML, SQL Server 2008, MS Access 2003 and 2007, T-SQL, ReSharper. Date/Employer Nov-2009 to Nov-2010 (1 yr. &1 month) Cast, Lda. (Lx, Portugal) – Segula Position Software Developer Activities and Responsibilities My main responsibilities, involved the redesign of the database model, development on the database side including stored procedures, views and triggers that would be necessary later on the web application. The Web Application, features were: CRUD for patients and doctors, parameterized reports for single/multiple patients. I also develop a real-time monitoring feature, that enabled doctors to monitor their patients and view in real- time how were they performing in their daily lives, all of course, in clinical terms (oxygen, cardio frequency and METs—Metabolic Equivalent of Task—units). During this project I performed various demonstrations of the project to the team of doctors and nurses who were collaborating with us. Credits: Project funded with grant from Vodafone Portugal Foundation. Technologies .NET 2.0, ASP.NET, SQL Server, IIS7, HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Date/Employer Oct-2008 to Nov-2009 (1 yr. & 6 months) Portugal Telecom, S.A (Lx, Portugal) Position Software Developer Activities and Responsibilities My main activities involved branding of DotNetNuke (DNN) Web Applications with the layouts received from the Interactive Agency (Internal to PT), development of custom packaged DNN modules (modules with database installer and uninstaller), documentation writing (user and technical manuals) and client engagement for eliciting software requirements along with a project manager from PT. Besides DNN I used tools like Subsonic to scaffold CRUD code, shorting up a task of weeks to 1-2 days (under the hood Subsonic used T4 Text Templates to generate all the code). Technologies DNN, ASP.NET 2.0, SQL Server, T4 Templates, ASP 3 Classic, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Photoshop. Date/Employer Jan-2008 to Apr-2008 (3 months) PC Paco, Lda (Seville, Spain) Position Fall Intern - Software Developer Activities and Responsibilities In this internship my main activities involved the development of an institutional website with a Back office system. The Back office main features included: management of newsletters, their subscribers, elaboration and emission of newsletters, revision of customer’s feedback and processing of contact requests. Technologies ASP.NET, .NET 2.0, C#, SQL Server 2008, HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Date/Employer Nov-2007 to May-2008 (6 months) Enterweb, Lda – Check House (Lx, Portugal) Position Software Developer | Web Designer | Client Management (Freelancer) Activities and Responsibilities My main activities were to design a data model capable of supporting multiple real-state analyses with an existing knowledge database according to the customer requirements, and to develop a secure web application where Check House could build such reports and also interact with their clients, who would use the platform to download their real-state analysis. Besides the web application, I also developed a Windows Forms Application with a trimmed down set of functionality that would enable Check House technicians to perform their analysis on the field without an internet connection. Here I faced a problem with data synchronization, multiple snapshots of a database would be downloaded to portable workstations that would immediately diverge from the central database. The synching was handled with help of ADO.NET Sync Services. Technologies ASP.NET, .NET 2.0, C#, SQL Server 2005, ADO.NET Sync Services 1.0 (Beta), SQL Server Compact 3.5, Windows Forms 2.0, T-SQL (Stored Procedures, Triggers).
  3. Curriculum Vitae © European Union, 2002-2015 | http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu Page 3

    / 4 EXPERIENCE OVERVIEW SKILLS Working Experience Knowledge Microsoft-related DotNetNuke, SharePoint Server 2007-2010, SharePoint Designer ASP.NET, MVC, C#, VB.NET, .NET [2.0, 3.5, 4.5], VB6, PowerShell XML Web Services, WCF Services, Web APIs, Entity Framework 6 VBA (Excel Power Sheets), VSTO Web Development HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, XSD, XSLT jQuery, AngularJS 1.4, Bootstrap, Highcharts, Modernizr Open Source Java 1.7, Play! Framework, Ebean ORM, Maven3 PHP, Wordpress, Joomla Database-related SQL Server 2005-2008, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Navicat PostgreSQL, Visual Studio 2008 BI Edition SQL ANSI, T-SQL Crystal Reports, ASP.NET Client Reports, ADO.NET Sync Services 1.0 Academical Projects | Online Courses Knowledge Microsoft-related .NET Remoting Open Source NodeJS, Compilers, Lex, Yacc, Burg, Regular Expressions, C Lang EDUCATION University Instituto Superior Técnico (Class of 2008, still attending) Gap-Year Date: September 2010 to September 2011 (for financial reasons) Lisbon, Portugal Degree MSc Computer Science Engineering GPA: 3.2 Specializations Major Computer Science, Minor Embedded Systems Master Thesis - Framework for Building Energy Management Systems, a framework for the development of applications over Building Automation Systems. - Dissertation Project presented on Jan 2015 – Grade: 19 (3.8 GPA). Dissertation: “In Progress”. Institution Instituto de Novas Tecnologias – Forino (2005-2007, dur.: 1.5 yrs.) Lisbon, Portugal Course C-IV: Software Development and Systems Administration (Microsoft Patented Course) GPA: 3.4 Course of Technologic Specialization - Bachelor‘s (BSc) Principal subjects Web, Windows and Windows Mobile Applications development, SQL Server 2005, Compact 3.5 development, Network security techniques, Software Engineering techniques, Software Development Methodologies (XP, RAD, AGILE, SCRUM, Water-Fall), Systems Administration (Windows Server 2003), Electronics.
  4. João Pinho © European Union, 2002-2015 | http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu Page 4

    / 4 Awards Won Scholarship for Internship Abroad. Institution Course Casa Pia Lisboa (CPL) – Pina Manique (until 12th grade, finished in 2005) C-III: Information Technology and Enterprise Management GPA: 3.5 Institution Course CPL - Nossa Srª Conceição (until 9th grade, finished in 2002) C-II: IT Administrative and Commercial Management GPA: 3.5 EDUCATIONAL OVERVIEW PERSONAL SKILLS Native Language Portuguese Other languages* UNDERSTANDING SPEAKING WRITING Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production English ✪✪✪✪ ✪✪✪✪✪ ✪✪✪✪ ✪✪✪✪ ✪✪✪✪✪ Spanish ✪✪✪ ✪✪✪ ✪ ✪✪ ✪ * Common European Framework of Reference for Languages Driving License Category B – Since 2011, IMTT – Lisbon. ADDITIONAL INFO Hobbies • Bike: BTT (Like to participate in monthly team events, when possible) • Gym (Weight-Lifting) • Blog about new findings and promising frameworks • Scientific articles • Movies/X-Effects: Si-Fi (addicted to Matrix, Jurassic Park, Chronicles of Riddick, Riddick) Honours and Awards • Best Student Award of Technological Sector, 2003, Casa Pia de Lisboa - Pina Manique (High School) • Scholarship for Internship Abroad, in 2007, Forino. I hope you enjoyed reading my resume and 0x486170707920436f64696e67!