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ASP.NET Core 2 – High Performance Web Applications

ASP.NET Core 2 – High Performance Web Applications

ASP.NET Core 2.0 is Microsoft's latest cross-platform and open-source web app framework. It supports an MVC pattern, web APIs, standalone web pages and Single Page Applications (React/Redux, Angular and Vue.js). You can write your server-side code in C#, F# or even Visual Basic then run it on Windows, Mac, Linux and in Docker containers. Performance has been a big focus of ASP.NET Core and version 2.0 increases its speed even more. It scores very highly in benchmarks and much of the optimisation work has come from the community.

Naming is hard and there was some confusion around the launch of .NET Core, particularly with the late changes that were made. This talk will help clarify the current situation, now that the dust has settled. Version 2.0 is what version 1.0 should have been, with increased stability and greater package support. It's also backed by a new wider version of the API interface standard, which simplifies porting libraries so that there are more packages available to use on all platforms.

James Singleton

October 03, 2017

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  1. ASP.NET Core 2 High Performance Web Applications James Singleton Disclaimer:

    views, errors and sarcasm are my own and not those of my clients / publisher / previous employers / Microsoft etc. unop.uk
  2. What is ASP.NET Core?

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  8. Naming is Hard “There are only two hard things in

    Computer Science: cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-one errors.” Phil Karlton, and others
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  12. Versioning is Hard

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  15. Features • Cross-platform • Windows • Mac • Linux •

    Command line friendly • Your choice of editor / IDE • Visual Studio • VS Mac • VS Code • Rider • Open source • Community contributions • Performance • Benchmarks • Compiled yet portable • Easy package and publish • Containers • Self-contained • Native compilation • IL merge / single binary
  16. Demo

  17. ASP.NET Core Library and Framework Support • ANCLAFS.com (GitHub repo)

    • Experimenting • Feature Switching • Profiling • O/RMs / DBs • Background Tasks • Image Manipulation • Message Queuing • Windows Services • Web • DI / IoC Containers • Logging • Serialization • Testing
  18. Book • ASP.NET Core 2 High Performance • What’s new

    in .NET Core 2 and C# • Getting started (all the platforms) • Ways to make your apps fast • Data structures • Parallelisation • Image Formats • Compression • Architecture • Networking • Cloud Hosting • unop.uk/book
  19. Thanks Questions? James Singleton unop.uk @shutdownscanner Disclaimer: views, errors and

    sarcasm are my own and not those of my clients / publisher / previous employers / Microsoft etc.