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(Social) Data Analytics - Working Data Projects

September 18, 2014

(Social) Data Analytics - Working Data Projects

Some insight into the process our data science team @TwitterBoulder uses to approach - and work through - data projects.


September 18, 2014

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  1. @TwitterAds | Confidential @jrmontag 18 September 2014 (Social) Data Analytics

    W o r k i n g d a t a p r o j e c t s @ T w i t t e r ! L e e d s S c h o o l B u s i n e s s A n a l y t i c s C o n f e r e n c e
  2. @TwitterAds | Confidential #data

  3. @Twitter 3 Data project workflow #expand #iterate #focus

  4. @Twitter 4 Data project workflow involve core people brainstorm no

    restrictions estimate experiment find the stories #expand
  5. @Twitter 5 Data project workflow quick results automate cycle involve

    stakeholders identify the story no polish #iterate
  6. @Twitter 6 Data project workflow converge on data “ “

    presentation “ “ messaging minimize new suggestions finally: polish to a shine #focus
  7. @Twitter 7 Language streamgraph #expand leebyron.com/else/streamgraph

  8. @Twitter 8 Language streamgraph #iterate

  9. @Twitter 9 Language streamgraph #focus bit.ly/gnip-lang @BrianLehman

  10. @TwitterAds | Confidential #expand → #iterate → #focus 10

  11. @TwitterAds | Confidential #ThankYou @jrmontag @DrSkippy @BrianLehman @Kolb bit.ly/gnip-lang