OIG.SSA.GOV: How Government and Contractors Can Work Together

OIG.SSA.GOV: How Government and Contractors Can Work Together

I put together this highly visual deck that runs through a 3-year web engagement the company I work for (Rock Creek) had with the Social Security Administration's Office of the Inspector General's Office (SSA OIG). It's a best practice guide for how to build a digital presence for any government agency. It makes more sense when you hear what I said with it, so reach out if you want more information or have some questions.


John Serrao

August 14, 2013


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    Associate Director of Technology, Rock Creek JOHN SERRAO Public Affairs

    Specialist, Social Security Administration (OIG) ANDREW CANNARSA Senior Project Manager, Rock Creek STEPHANIE SCHREIBMAN Web Developer, Rock Creek LAUREN BYRWA
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    Your Agency/Office Asks You to Take Lead on a Website

    Redesign Project But You’re Non-Technical. Problem:
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    Seek Help From Other Government Agencies and Contractors in the

    Open Source Community BEFORE Issuing an RFP. Try an RFI First! Solution:
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    Your Agency Wants to Explore Integrating Social Media into Your

    Digital Strategy But Two-Way Communication Channels Are Hard to Justify. Problem:
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    Start with GSA-approved solutions like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube with

    guidance from http://www.howto.gov. Don’t try and do it all at once. Patience, plant the seed. Solution:
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    You are Given an OMB Directive to Make Your Website

    Accessible to Mobile Devices Like Smartphone and Tablets. Problem:
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    Instead of making costly apps, add another phase onto your

    Drupal site project and make your content responsive to any size device. Solution:
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    New Site is Launched, Late 2011: 35,437 visits/month 74,407 Post

    Phase 3 Responsive, July 2013: visits/month Traffic Up ~110% in 18 months
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    Mobile Traffic, Late 2011: 3,299 visits/month (9.7%) 17,239 Post Phase

    3 Responsive, July 2013: visits/month (23.1%) Mobile Traffic Up ~550% in 18 Months