Intro to Functional Reactive Programming (Droidcon MTL 2015)

898e54ca0e526384e3d0a4177edbb480?s=47 Juan Gomez
April 12, 2015

Intro to Functional Reactive Programming (Droidcon MTL 2015)

This talk will be an introduction to the ideas behind functional reactive programming and how you can move away from traditional synchronous state management with variables to asynchronous streams of data instead. You will learn how Rx (Reactive Extensions) Observables simplify concurrent code and let you write asynchronous, message based Android apps, in ways that are more elegant and a bit less error prone than traditional Android mechanisms.

We will also take a look at some Higher-order functions such as map(), flatmap(), filter() and reduce() that enable you to write simple, expressive and concise code to process Observables and solve problems in many common Android scenarios. These powerful yet easy to use abstractions will let you write asynchronous code in a more straightforward, declarative fashion; making your life as an Android developer a lot easier.


Juan Gomez

April 12, 2015