Rustam Mehmandarov — Semantic Wizardry, Logic [Zebra] Puzzles, and Java

Rustam Mehmandarov — Semantic Wizardry, Logic [Zebra] Puzzles, and Java

What is it all about? Ever heard of Zebra Puzzles?
Those logical puzzles that are claimed to be invented by Albert Einstein as a little boy?
Those that are based on simple logical facts and go something like this: “The Brit lives in the Red house. The Swede keeps dogs as pets. The Dane drinks tea… Who owns the zebra?”

Some claim that only 2% of the population can solve it without any help.
However, with the help of semantic technologies, we can solve it in (almost) no time.

Of course, you have to know RDF, OWL, Jena, reasoning, inference.
The good news is that I will be showing you how it works in this session.
Later, I will also post a link to the code for the rest of you to try all that at home.


Moscow JUG

April 05, 2018