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useR! 2017 Session for Newbies


Julia Silge

July 03, 2017


  1. Coding Careers useR!2017 Session for Newbies Julia Silge

  2. Hello I am Julia Silge Data Scientist, Stack Overflow @juliasilge

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    subtitle ☉ BS in physics in 2000 ☉ PhD in astronomy in 2005 ☉ Studied galaxy kinematics and dynamics ☉ Now work in data science in the tech industry Silge, J.D., Gebhardt, K., Bergmann, M., & Richstone, D. 2005, AJ, 130, 406
  5. PhD in astronomy postdoc in physics adjunct professor teaching physics,

    astronomy, etc ed tech content developer data scientist stay-at- home mom
  6. Learn key practices from software development

  7. 7 ☉ Version control ☉ Unit testing ☉ Test-driven development

    ☉ Continuous integration Software development practices
  8. Build a portfolio of public work

  9. 9 ☉ Have an active GitHub account ☉ Write a

    professional blog ☉ Contribute to an open-source project Build a public presence
  10. 10 Considering the value of your work (Credit to David

    Robinson) Idea Preliminary results Draft report/paper Submitted manuscript Published paper Less valuable More valuable
  11. 11 Considering the value of your work (Credit to David

    Robinson) Less valuable More valuable Anything still on your computer Data, code, results, draft, finished paper Anything out in the world Paper, blog post, open source, product, tweet