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North American Developer Hiring Landscape

North American Developer Hiring Landscape

June 2018 talk at Stack Overflow HQ

Julia Silge

June 20, 2018

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  1. Global Developer Hiring Landscape 2018 Based on the annual Stack

    Overflow Developer Survey ▪ 100,000+ responses globally ▪ 183 countries and dependent territories ▪ Unrivalled insights on topics ranging from developers’ ideal working environment to their thoughts on artificial intelligence Developer Hiring Landscape 2018 ABOUT STACK OVERFLOW
  2. Global Developer Hiring Landscape 2018 20% of respondents said they

    are located in the United States. The next-most represented countries include India, Germany, the UK and Canada Geography of Developers 4
  3. Global Developer Hiring Landscape 2018 Hiring Developers in North America

    Is a Challenge 11 ▪ Just 14% of respondents are actively looking for a job ▪ 91% of respondents are already employed
  4. Global Developer Hiring Landscape 2018 We asked developers what the

    most annoying, exhausting, interesting, and exciting part of searching for a new job is. 13
  5. Global Developer Hiring Landscape 2018 ▪ The median developer salary

    in North America is $92,000 USD ▪ Developers in the United States have the highest median salaries in California ($124,000) followed by those in Washington ($118,000), Massachusetts/New Jersey ($110,000), and New York ($109,000) Median Salaries 17
  6. Global Developer Hiring Landscape 2018 Questions? You can download the

    full report by visiting: s.tk/hiring Find the salary calculator at: stackoverflow.com/jobs/salary Thanks! 23