Take it easy result MobileCalm

B75c730b9a863042bbd35517de8740ac?s=47 Julia Wache
October 08, 2012

Take it easy result MobileCalm

Results of a first test of the app Take it Easy


Julia Wache

October 08, 2012


  1. Take  it  easy      

  2. User  Interface  and  trial  design   1.  Ques7onnaire   about

     weekend   plans   2.  Par7cipants   received  7ps   during  the   weekend  how  to   relax  during  that   day   3.  Feedback  about   experience  with   “Take  it  easy”   Take  it  easy  Tip       Call  a  good  friend   you  didn‘t  talk  to   for  far  to  much   7me.                
  3. Results   •  On  average  people...   –  ...considered  the

      test  relaxing  and  fun   –  ...did  3  out  of  7  7ps     –  ...had  no  7me  for  2   7ps  and  forgot  1   –  ...liked  to  get  all  7ps   at  once  per  day   •  The  App  people   would  actually  use   should...   –  …send  relaxing  7ps   –  ...remind  to  do   breaks   –  Should  not  know   peoples  schedules   –  Should  not  show   personal  stress  level