Setup Kubernetes Federation v2 on AWS

Setup Kubernetes Federation v2 on AWS


Kyle Bai

April 24, 2019


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    @k2r2bai About Me ⽩白凱仁(Kyle Bai) • RDSS • Interested in

    emerging technologies. • Kubernetes Projects Contributor. • Certified Kubernetes Administrator. • CNTUG(Cloud Native Taiwan User Group) co-organizer. • Kubernetes 200+ nodes experience. @kairen(
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    @k2r2bai • Motivations • Introducing Federation V2 • Live setup

    • Summary Agenda Today I would like to talk about
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    @k2r2bai • Sensitive Workloads: I have multiple clusters but want

    to run sensitive workloads only in specific clusters. • Avoiding provider lock-in: By making it easier to migrate applications across clusters, federation prevents cluster provider lock-in. • High availability: Single region outage does not impact the availability of workloads. • Hybrid Cloud: Extend Deployments from on-premise clusters to the cloud. Multiple clusters
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    @k2r2bai • Distribution of applications, services, and policy to multiple

    clusters. • Migration of applications and services and their storage between clusters • Disaster recovery for those applications and services. • Serving users from clusters closest to them. Benefit of applications
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    @k2r2bai Sync controller kubefed2 federate (autogenerate typeConfig and type CRDs)

    kubefed2 join/unjoin Propagation refers to how resources are distributed to the target clusters.
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    @k2r2bai ExternalDNS is not a DNS server itself, instead it

    is a custom controller that watches Kubernetes resources, and configures corresponding DNS records using external DNS providers like AWS Route 53, AzureDNS, CloudFlare, DigitalOcean, DNSimple, Dyn, PowerDNS, CoreDNS, Exoscale, and more. ExternalDNS
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    @k2r2bai • Federation v2 uses CustomResourceDefinitions to extend Kubernetes with

    new APIs. • The building blocks approach allows the extension of federation to supported and custom resources, which only enhances the flexibility Federation v2 is providing for future development. • Although Federation v2 is in the prototype stage, I believe that the community behind the Federation V2 project is strong and that the project seems to be headed in the right direction. Summary
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