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An Insiders View of the JWST First Observations

An Insiders View of the JWST First Observations

Karl Gordon

April 21, 2023

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  1. An Insiders View of the JWST First Observations Karl D.

    Gordon Astronomer STScI, Baltimore, MD Salford Astronomical Society 21 Apr 2023 “Have Dust – Will Study” [email protected] @[email protected] karllark@github
  2. Webb Can Peer Through and Examine Dust Visible Light (ESO)

    Mid-Infrared Light (Spitzer) Near-Infrared Light (ESO)
  3. First Observations Team • Small Team to design, process, and

    advise on 1st observations • Big press release showcasing Webb’s capabilities to all • Astronomers, Graphic Artists, Public Outreach, etc. • Hush-hush (NDA)
  4. Data Reduction • Remove signatures of instrument/detectors – Subtract dark,

    flat field, etc, etc, etc • Based on extensive calibration observations – Before and after launch • JWST data reduction pipeline – Lead the team that decided the algorithms • Like 1st obs data - fully public, anyone can use • My role for 1st observations focused on MIRI Imaging
  5. First Observations Live Broadcast • Asked to be the science

    expert for STScI portion • Attempted to duck • Failed • Resolved to not embarrass myself or STScI as best I could • Obtained an “official” polo
  6. The Bet Definitely looks like an edge-on disk galaxy with

    a central bulge with a dust lane Alignment is a coincidence