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Women in Tech East Coast

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October 25, 2019

Women in Tech East Coast

2019 Conference - Is there a Future for DevOps?



October 25, 2019


  1. Is There a Future for DevOps? Reflections on a year

    spent talking about DevOps
  2. January 1. Shiny in Production Workshop 2. Configuration Management Tools

    for the R Admin April 3. Championing Analytic Infrastructure July 4. Art of the Feature Toggle 5. Environmental Release Patterns August 6. Shiny in Production: Building bridges from data science to IT September 7. Data Product Delivery: The R user’s journey toward improving daily work 8. The R in Production Handoff: Building bridges from data science to IT October 9. Interactivity in Production Solutions Engineer at a Software Company called RStudio. RStudio builds open source and professional tools used by the Data Science and Statistical Computing community. speakerdeck.com/kellobri
  3. Solutions Engineering isn’t Dev and it isn’t Ops... Industrial Research

    Business Management Human Resources Government Work Regulated Environments Big Data Applications Cloud Infrastructure R in Production What is there to learn? What are the needs? What can we build? Solutions Engineers!
  4. How I fell into DevOps bit.ly/devops-bookshelf

  5. (10 Second) Introduction to DevOps

  6. 1. DevOps is a philosophy / set of practices 2.

    Which create new processes for collaboration between Dev and Ops teams 3. There’s nothing new in DevOps A framework for making sense out of common sense
  7. When developers begin to think of infrastructure as part of

    their application, stability and performance become normative. - Jeff Geerling “Ansible for DevOps”
  8. Vicious cycle of mutual resentment and distrust Dev Silo IT/Ops

    Silo THE FEAR “Hey - could you just put this thing in production real quick?” “Uh.. I just deployed this little change, and something might be broken”
  9. The DevOps Handbook 1. Accelerate Flow - Make work visible

    - Limit Work in Progress (WIP) - Reduce Batch Sizes - Reduce the number of handoffs - Continually identify and elevate constraints - Eliminate hardships and waste 2. Utilize Feedback - See problems as they occur - Swarm to solve problems and build new knowledge - Keep pushing quality closer to the source - Enable optimizing for downstream work centers 3. Learn and Experiment - Enable organizational learning and a safety culture - Institutionalize the improvement of daily work - Transform local discoveries into global improvements - Inject resilience patterns into daily work Three principles form the underpinnings of DevOps:
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  12. resources.rstudio.com

  13. Data Science Humanity

  14. None
  15. Make an impact: Data Product Development & Delivery “It doesn’t

    matter how great your analysis is unless you can explain it to others: You need to communicate your results.”
  16. Grad School Shiny Application Development - 2014

  17. Local Environment Promotion Strategies Local Data Science Environment Email an

    Image or PDF Email the Code or Package Create a Shared Git Repository Publish to RPubs / Shinyapps.io Publish to an Analytic Sandbox (Tinker-Space) Deploy to Professional Analytic Infrastructure Sophistication / Usefulness Difficulty?
  18. SUPER-vicious cycle of mutual resentment and distrust Data Science Silo

    IT/Ops Silo THE FEAR “Hey - I wrote this code using a bunch of open source packages some random person from the internet created … Also, what’s a test?”
  19. Challenges for the R User Organizational • Legitimizing R •

    Working with IT Technical • Experience • Education • Exposure The Analytic Administrator
  20. How to wade in … with Empathy and Strategery! Does

    DevOps Exist in Your Org? Yes Maybe? Nope. Is IT/Ops comfortable helping you bring Shiny to production? ! . Best case scenario! Get ready to help implement some novelty Make a checklist, answer questions, build a POC, be prepared to take it slow This is your chance to meet some people! Talk to a developer or IT Human! Are you comfortable bringing DevOps to your Org? ! . Cool Beans! Figure out who else needs convincing Noodle on it! Maybe it’s worth it? Make a communication plan and come with an open mind. Read Books!
  21. Start by answering some questions… - What is a Shiny

    Application? - Who is the audience? - What is your service level agreement definition? (SLA) - What does your analytic architecture look like today? - What are your goals for evolving this architecture? - How will monitoring be handled? - Who is responsible for maintenance? Make work visible, Define shared goals, Build a checklist, Iterate Empathetic Communication is Challenging
  22. Strategies for Managing Code Handoffs Steal Existing & Define Shared

  23. Shared Goal: Shorten the distance between development and production ADVOCATE

    FOR A SANDBOX PUBLISHING ENVIRONMENT B. User Acceptance Testing A. Automated Snapshot Testing
  24. Automation! • I don’t want to remember to run this

    testing procedure • I don’t want to have to assure someone from IT that I ran it • I certainly don’t want to hand the job off to them GIVE IT TO THE MACHINES Shared Goal: The improvement of daily work
  25. Production Building Blocks Code Profiling Version Control Testing Deployment/Release Access/Security

    Performance Tuning
  26. Is there a future for DevOps?