Leading cross-functional teams and the product manager

Leading cross-functional teams and the product manager

What I wish I'd known before I became a PM.


Ken Norton

April 11, 2013


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    What am I going to talk about • A disjointed

    set of learnings • What I wish I’d known before • (There will only be two formulas)
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    The reality. • You will not be closely supervised. •

    Little to no authority will be handed to you. • You will not have direct managerial oversight for the people who work on your stuff. • You will be highly accountable for success (or lack thereof).
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    1. “Never tell people how to do things. Tell them

    what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.” (General George Patton)
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    Clear obstacles. Always take the blame. Ask smart questions. Explain

    the “why.” Empathize. Bring the donuts.
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    Know their number. Get on the phone with customers. Make

    promises so they don’t have to. Help them be creative. Bring the donuts.
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    Understand what they want. Call them out of the blue.

    Keep your promises. Take the blame. Bring the donuts.
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    Ask your team three questions: • What have you completed

    since our last meeting? • What will you have done by tomorrow’s meeting? • What’s standing in your way and how can I help?
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    The right question: “What needs to happen for you to

    finish, and what can I do to help?”
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    Pessimistic estimate (P): “OK, but what’s the longest it could

    take, accounting for unforeseen roadblocks?”