Rubykaigi 2013 Lightning Talk - kibitan

Rubykaigi 2013 Lightning Talk - kibitan

Realtime resizing and caching images engine with GET Parameters made by Sinatra.


It's useful to use as The Image Server with big web service using many images.
And also useful to fit the image size to smartphone or mobile views without time and effort.



May 31, 2013


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    Use Case - Fit the image to thumnails, smartphone, mobile

    views - Using as Resizing API for your service’s images especially for many images
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    Web Server Application User Cache Hit ! 10x faster!! compare

    with passing through application! demonstration
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    “Thunder Image” Demo URL You can try it!! (i will

    write link in IRC chat.) id pass : rubykaigi : 2013
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    @kibitan id/pass rubykaigi/2013 A ThunderImage! - PR Time -

    @kibitan I’m JOBLESS Now !! ແ৬Ͱ͢ɻ
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    @kibitan id/pass rubykaigi/2013 A ThunderImage! - PR Time -

    @kibitan Feel free to contact me! @kibitan ϝοηʔδ଴ͬͯ·͢ɻ