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Turn ‘lightbulb moments’ into delightful products...

Kingdom Code
September 14, 2015

Turn ‘lightbulb moments’ into delightful products...

Can't code... but have an awesome idea? Or even if you can code... Learn how to take your big, gorgeous, fluffy idea and turn it into sharp, lean, actionable thinking in 60 minutes.

Kingdom Code is hosting the Ideation Meetup on Monday, 14th September, 7pm, at the wonderful Impact Hub in Piccadilly.

Whether you can code or you can't - come and learn from the best about 'design thinking' and ideation.

Workshop led by Ben Welby (http://bm.wel.by | @bmwelby)

Kingdom Code

September 14, 2015

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  1. GDS Part 1, a bit of background

  2. GDS @bmwelby A bit about me

  3. GDS @bmwelby A bit about my employer

  4. GDS @bmwelby Some things are more visible than others

  5. GDS @bmwelby www.gov.uk/design-principles

  6. GDS @bmwelby www.gov.uk/service-manual

  7. GDS @bmwelby www.gov.uk/service-manual/digital-by-default

  8. GDS @bmwelby But what’s delivered is largely down to our

    colleagues in government
  9. GDS @bmwelby www.gov.uk/power-of-attorney

  10. GDS @bmwelby www.gov.uk/carers-allowance

  11. GDS @bmwelby www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

  12. GDS @bmwelby www.gov.uk/renew-patent

  13. GDS @bmwelby www.gov.uk/vehicle-tax

  14. GDS @bmwelby www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence

  15. GDS @bmwelby We have built some things ourselves

  16. GDS @bmwelby www.gov.uk/digital-marketplace

  17. GDS @bmwelby

  18. GDS @bmwelby

  19. GDS @bmwelby

  20. GDS @bmwelby

  21. GDS @bmwelby But we have a captive audience.

  22. GDS @bmwelby We have no competitors.

  23. GDS @bmwelby And our VC is Her Majesty’s Treasury

  24. GDS @bmwelby So, does that make it easier to do

    this digital stuff?
  25. GDS @bmwelby We’re building products that meet citizen needs

  26. GDS @bmwelby And that’s about more than a bright idea

    or political ideology
  27. GDS @bmwelby It’s about delighting citizens; not forcing you to

    make do.
  28. GDS So how can we turn ‘lightbulb moments’ into delightful

    products? @bmwelby
  29. What is the user need?

  30. GDS Exercise 1 (7 minutes)

  31. GDS @bmwelby In 60 seconds pitch your ‘big, gorgeous, fluffy

  32. GDS @bmwelby For the rest of the evening each group

    will focus on one of those ideas
  33. GDS Part 2, discovery

  34. GDS What are you planning to do? @bmwelby

  35. GDS What problem does it solve? @bmwelby

  36. GDS Who will it help? @bmwelby

  37. GDS Exercise 2 (10 minutes)

  38. GDS @bmwelby In your groups define:
 the what
 the problem

    the who
  39. GDS @bmwelby As a…
 I need…
 so that...

  40. GDS Part 3, validation

  41. GDS So have we got our user needs? @bmwelby

  42. GDS Not quite... @bmwelby

  43. GDS @bmwelby Right now you’ve got a reckon

  44. GDS And that’s a dangerous place to be @bmwelby

  45. GDS The reckon might be right but you need to

    validate it @bmwelby
  46. GDS @bmwelby “Great designers don’t fall in love with their

    solutions. Great designers fall in love with the problem.” Jared Spool (@jmspool)
  47. GDS And you do that by falling in love with

    your users @bmwelby
  48. User research is crucial

  49. GDS Exercise 3 (5 minutes)

  50. GDS What’s going to go into your research? @bmwelby

  51. GDS Part 4, maps, measurements and boundaries

  52. GDS Maps @bmwelby

  53. GDS Customer Journey Mapping @bmwelby

  54. GDS @bmwelby A graph showing the user’s journey by capturing

    the different elements involved in meeting the need
  55. car engine fails find 0% finance finance was too good

    to be true negotiate a better deal complete paperwork purchase car go for first drive research new car
  56. GDS @bmwelby You don’t need to build anything to map

    user journeys
  57. GDS @bmwelby Research will identify the steps in the journey

  58. Build services, not websites

  59. GDS Measurements @bmwelby

  60. GDS How will you know that what you've done is

    working? @bmwelby
  61. GDS What will you use to measure your impact on

    society or the market you're targeting? @bmwelby
  62. GDS @bmwelby How will you measure the product you end

    up with so that you keep making it better?
  63. GDS @bmwelby You can’t measure everything

  64. GDS @bmwelby Whatever you measure and whatever you report needs

    to be actionable
  65. GDS @bmwelby Avoid vanity numbers

  66. Know your ‘one metric that matters’

  67. GDS Boundaries @bmwelby

  68. GDS Are there any legal restrictions? @bmwelby

  69. GDS What are your practical limitations? @bmwelby

  70. GDS What is out of scope? @bmwelby

  71. Do less

  72. GDS Exercise 4 (15 minutes)

  73. GDS In your groups propose the mapping, measuring and the

    boundaries for your idea @bmwelby
  74. GDS You can either all do it together or individuals

    can each take a different part. @bmwelby
  75. GDS Exercise 5 (2 minutes per team)

  76. Pitch us your idea

  77. GDS @bmwelby My two favourite talks from Mind the Product

    2015: @jmspool on the Kano model @NatalieNahai on the psychology of persuasive product design