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HireRoo Culture Deck(English)

HireRoo Culture Deck(English)


Thank you for your interest in our coding testing service, HireRoo! We are looking forward to working with you to change the way engineers are hired. We are looking for people who are willing to take on bold challenges with us! Please refer to the following for available positions.

Kosuke Kuzuoka

October 02, 2023

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  1. Contents Company overview HireRoo’s mission, our members, etc. P.03 1

    About our product The problem of hiring engineers, HireRoo’s platform, and future ambitions P.07 2 Meet the team Organizational structure, job types, and work details P.13 3 HireRoo’s culture Our values, work styles, benefits, etc. P.18 4 2
  2. Company overview Name HireRoo, Inc. Representative Kosuke Kuzuoka Foundation December

    10, 2020 Location 150-0044 Tokyo, Shibuya Ward, Maruyama 28-1 Shibuya Dogenzaka Sky Building, 11F Investors 4
  3. “ To provide an essential platform of solutions for tech

    companies to leverage the full potential of software engineers. Our Mission 5
  4. Board Members & Co-founders Founder, CEO After graduating from middle

    school, Kosuke traveled around the world. After returning to Japan, he taught himself to develop an app for travelers and released it 3 months later. Kosuke’s career took him to such companies as Photoruction, DeNA, and Mercari before he eventually founded HireRoo. Kosuke Kuzuoka Co-founder, CTO After graduating university, Keisuke joined Leverages where he got to work on and experience the launch of new services. He was also instrumental in recruiting other new grads to the company. Keisuke then joined Retty Corporation, where he worked as a scrum master for the team. He co-founded HireRoo in December 2020. Keisuke Taniai Co-founder After joining Leverages as a new graduate in 2018, Yuichi worked as an SRE for a nursing/career-related job media service while also serving as the head of infrastructure for the engineering QA service teratail, continuously improving performance around infrastructure and other areas. In December 2020, he co-founded HireRoo. Yuichi Ito COO After working as an engineer for 4 companies in 2 years, he joined LINE in 2018. There, in 2020, Yoshi became Head of Commerce Media Then, after working as Global PdM at a fintech company focused on Southeast Asia, Yoshi joined HireRoo in 2022. Yoshi Takashiba 6
  5. The problem of hiring engineers 84% of companies report experiencing

    hiring mismatches. Of those companies, about 25.6% experience mismatches so bad that it leads to the employee leaving the company. Hiring mismatches 8 1. Nearly half of the companies that experience mismatches have reported that the cost of these mismatches per person was in excess of 5 million yen. The high cost of mismatches 2. Mismatch Rate 26.5% Bad mismatches Have not experienced mismatches Have experienced mismatches Mismatch Cost (per employee) 42.3%
  6. HireRoo’s solution 9 The coding interview platform. Click here for

    more ✓ Easily create your own coding test problems ✓ Access HireRoo’s library of industry-spanning, pre-created test problems ✓ Evaluate candidates with standard deviation and comparative evaluations
  7. Gaining traction Official release Pre-Series A Financing +700% Sales Growth

    HireRoo’s sales grew by 7 times in the first 10 months after its official release! 10
  8. HireRoo’s clients Notes: 1. This information is accurate as of

    October 2022 2. Companies are listed in no particular order. Listed companies, mega-ventures, and startups HireRoo’s diverse clientele is made up of all kinds of companies— from listed companies and mega-ventures, to startups and contract development companies. Contract development companies Roughly 80 companies in total 11
  9. Future ambitions 12 HireRoo’s global service rollout plan looking ahead

    to 2024 Beta launch March 2021 Official launch January 2022 Pre-Series A financing June 2022 Series A financing Second half of 2023 Enter European/North American markets First half of 2024 WE ARE HERE!
  10. Employee breakdown Employee breakdown HireRoo by job type Note: All

    information correct as of October 2022 21 members Business Engineer Full time Contract 14
  11. Engineering Team Dev environment Frontend Backend Infrastructure Database Team breakdown

    Platform Engineers 2 2 6 1 Frontend Engineers Backend Engineers Product Designers Dev tools Monitoring tools Communication tools 15 2 Content Engineers
  12. Team breakdown Business Team CS 3 Sales Marketing 1 1

    1 Back-Office 1 1 PR Design 16 Business tools CRM Page Builder BI Wiki Tag Manager HubSpot STUDIO Looker Notion Google Tag Manager
  13. Employee close-ups “We may be young, but we’ll compete with

    anyone.” -COO Yoshi’s thoughts on HireRoo member’s dedication to the product. “If [Kosuke] is at the helm, this is definitely a place where I can grow.” -A new grad’s thoughts on CEO Kosuke’s presence at the company. Yuichi is not just a co-founder of HireRoo, he is also a mood-setter and a self-professed tech geek! Keisuke is a HireRoo co-founder, an attentive listener, and has a famously friendly personality! 17
  14. HireRoo’s Values 19 Fail Fast The faster we fail, the

    faster we can get closer to a solution! Failing fast does not mean that we do not try to succeed—quite the opposite. It means that we do not let the fear of failure keep us from trying our best. Aim High Each and every employee at HireRoo takes pride in the work they do. We love what we make and the creative process in general. HireRoo employees always strive for excellence. Pull Together It is not as individuals but as a team that we can achieve our greatest potential. At HireRoo, we play, work, win, fail, and succeed together. The ability to trust and be trusted by your team members is paramount. Take Initiative Based on a foundation of trust and transparency, HireRoo employees are expected to take action quickly and when necessary.
  15. HireRoo’s values in action Fail Fast • We have many

    mechanisms in place for quickly reflecting on past actions taken. Aim High • Even when HireRoo had no more than 10 members in total, everyone pulled together to aim high and achieve the lofty goal of an advent calendar. Pull Together 20 At our monthly “In-Person All-Hands,” we recognize members who have demonstrated or embodied our values with the Fail Fast Award and the Aim High Award. This is a screenshot of the moment we decided to do the advent calendar. This is an example of a meeting where we reflected on the development process.
  16. Work styles • Work hours: Flex (core time is 12:00–17:00)

    • Holidays: Two days off per week, national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, congratulation and condolence leave • Paid leave: New hires get 10 days of paid leave on the day they join • Social and labor insurance • Work location: Work From Anywhere! HireRoo is a full-remote workplace 󰳕 21
  17. Benefits • Work From Anywhere ◦ HireRoo is a full-remote

    workplace (our office is a delight ventures shared space) ◦ Each month we have an in-person “offsite” event. Participation is optional and the company covers transportation for those who live far away. • English Communication ◦ As a general rule, regular meetings (daily stand-ups, all hands meetings, etc.) and documentation are all done in English. ◦ We have benefits available to support English language learning (even beginners at English can join HireRoo!) • Healthy Diet Support ◦ HireRoo provides healthy living support in the form of lunches from Nosh and BASEFOOD. 22
  18. Message from the CEO I like to say that while

    good products sell, great products that provide value will always sell, and at the core of these products are the engineers who make them. Together with my colleagues, I founded HireRoo with the dream of creating a world in which the skills of engineers are fairly evaluated and Japan is once again at the top of global manufacturing. I truly believe that great products will always sell. But creating a great product in the first place takes more than just people who make things—we also need people who sell things, people who know how to optimize value, people who are good at networking, and many, many more! This business is where I choose to dedicate my life and to accomplish HireRoo’s mission we need you! So come take on the challenge—join HireRoo and let’s aim high together! Kosuke Kuzoka Representative Director 23
  19. We are hiring! Click here if the QR code does

    not work Check out our careers page! 24 Does HireRoo sound like the place for you? Check out our careers page below!