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Case Management with Red Hat PAM ( jBPM )

Case Management with Red Hat PAM ( jBPM )


Karina Macedo Varela

December 21, 2020


  1. CONFIDENTIAL Designator Case Management with Red Hat Process Automation Manager

    1 Karina Macedo Varela Senior Technical Marketing Manager
  2. CONFIDENTIAL Designator Introduction 2 Workshop: Red Hat Process Automation Manager

  3. CONFIDENTIAL Designator Welcome to your new role in this bank,

    Pecunia Corp. We need to solve these issues: Module 1: Introduction 3 High costs for dealing with credit card disputes This is an expensive process even when the disputed money value is low. Long processes, unhappy customers Currently our dispute evaluation takes a long time compared to competitors. Decisions are not reproducible We have decisions being take by people and they need to manually work with repeatable decisions that could be automated. No tracing of the events that happened in each dispute There's no easy way for the business team to see what happens and take decisions based on facts;
  4. CONFIDENTIAL Designator Business Automation Offering 4 Case Management with PAM

  5. CONFIDENTIAL Designator Case Management with PAM 5 Process automation spectrum

    Humans are frequently involved to add information and take decisions. The task sequence is quite pre-ordered. • Order fulfillment • Claims processing • Loan approvals • Mortgage origination • Travel requests • Purchase requests • Mobile workforce support “Orchestration” / “Choreography” of automated activities, humans by exception. • Trading processes (Capital Market, Banking, Energy ...) • Automatic claims processing • Automatic reordering • Inventory reduction / rebalancing • Order to cash automation Adaptive and dynamic processes: Knowledge Workers guide the activities flow selecting among suggested options or creating on the fly ad hoc activities. • Investigation solution • Next-Gen customer onboarding • Customer retention program • Personalized customer service • Omni-channel engagement marketing Straight Through Human Intensive Case Management Flexibility Automation
  6. CONFIDENTIAL Designator Cases or Processes? Case Management with PAM 6

    • Business processes - Usually modelled as flow charts with starting points and finite end nodes. • Cases - not structured, dynamic ( with room for dynamic tasks) • Cases - reach a business goal through milestones • Cases - usually consist of loosely coupled process fragments that can be connected
  7. CONFIDENTIAL Designator • Case File • Case Comments • Stage

    • Milestone • Roles Common elements used in case management Case Management with PAM 7
  8. CONFIDENTIAL Designator Common elements used in case management Case Management

    with PAM 8
  9. CONFIDENTIAL Designator Case Lifecycle Operations Case Management with PAM 9

    Canceled Closed Opened Close Reopen Cancel || Destroy* Reopen * Destroyed cases cannot be reopened. It is permanently canceled.
  10. CONFIDENTIAL Designator 10 CMMN in Red Hat PAM • CMMN

    1.1 Runtime support • Developers don’t have to choose between BPMN and CMMN standards • There is no strict line between cases and processes • Access to well-known BPMN elements in cases [1] blog post
  11. CONFIDENTIAL Designator Cases implementation in Red Hat PAM 11 OPTIONAL

  12. CONFIDENTIAL Designator 12 Case Projects Case projects can be created

    using business central. Case projects provides the configuration you need to start working with cases.
  13. CONFIDENTIAL Designator 13 • Runtime strategy is set to Per

    Case; • Case file and documents marshallers are configured. • WorkDefinition.wid files are created in the project and its packages to ensure case-related nodes such as Milestone and Cases are available in the case definition design palette. Case Projects
  14. CONFIDENTIAL Designator 14 Case Runtime Strategy Per case runtime strategy:

    ensures the working memory will be shared across the whole case
  15. CONFIDENTIAL Designator 15 Marshallers Marshallers are responsible for serializing case

    file data and attached documents across the entire case. org.jbpm.casemgmt.impl.marshalling.CaseMarshallerFactory.builder().withDoc().get(); new org.jbpm.document.marshalling.DocumentMarshallingStrategy();
  16. CONFIDENTIAL Designator 16 Case Definition Cases definitions can include unique

    concepts not used by regular processes: • Case ID • Case Roles • Case File • Milestones
  17. CONFIDENTIAL Designator Cases + Traditional Processes 17 Subprocesses can be

    used within cases. The "Per_Case" runtime strategy will make sure that the case data is properly shared within instances. If the sub process is in another project, the kiebase needs to be added to the case project.
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