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Visits to PyCon and information on hot springs from Asian countries

Visits to PyCon and information on hot springs from Asian countries

This time, I would like to introduce the conferences and hot springs that I have visited in the last few years.
No technical presentation


July 30, 2022

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  1. Agenda/概要 • Who I am/自己紹介 • Motivation to attend the

    conference – カンファレンスに行く動機 • I've Been to PyCons/いままで行ったPyCon – Japan – Asia – USA • Next PyCon
  2. Who I am • PyCon JP Association Board Member –

    PyCon JP Staff 2014 - – PyCon JP 2017-2019 Chair – Python boot camp TA • KoedoLUG – Japan Local Linux User Group (Monthly) – (Staff at OSUNC Kawagoe (LT Event) yearly) • Tokyo Debian study group / DebianJP • @koedoyoshida : Twitter / Facebook
  3. PyCon JP • PyCon JP is a conference organized and

    run by volunteers in the Japanese Python community that is dedicated to advancing and promoting the Python programming language. Through holding the PyCon JP conference, Python users can gather and exchange information with other developers from a wide variety of fields. It is our aim to create new relationships between the different communities and businesses using Python. • Pythonユーザが集まり、PythonやPythonを使ったソフトウェ アについて情報交換、交流をするためのカンファレンスです。 PyCon JPの開催を通じて、Pythonの使い手が一堂に集まり、 Pythonにまつわる様々な分野の知識や情報を交換し、新た な友達やコミュニティとのつながり、仕事やビジネスチャンス を増やせる場所とすることが目標です。
  4. Python Boot Camp • Python tutorial for beginners • About

    half a day of Python practice with the instructor and TA, and a social gathering. • Held in various locations in Japan (Japanese) • Support for the PyCon JP Association, including the dispatch of instructors • 初心者向けPythonチュートリアル • 半日(4時間程度)、講師、TAと実習形式で開催 • 日本各地で現地開催(日本語) • PyCon JP Associationで講師派遣などサポート • https://www.pycon.jp/support/bootcamp.html
  5. Work • MIRACLE LINUX user community Organizer – https://miraclelinux.connpass.com/ •

    MIRACLE LINUX – commercial Linux distribution in Japan, developed and supported by Cybertrust Japan Co., Ltd.
  6. My Hobby / 私の趣味 • I like to go to

    hot springs taking advantage of trips such as conferences. • 私はカンファレンス等の旅行に乗じて温泉に 行くことが好きです。
  7. introduction 1 • This time, I would like to introduce

    the conferences and hot springs that I have visited in the last few years. • No technical presentation • 今回はここ数年で私が現地に行ったカンファ レンスと良い温泉を紹介します。 • 技術的な話はありません
  8. introduction 2 • It is mainly about the stories of

    Japan and Asia that I traveled before the corona, the stories about PyCon related and hot springs. I went to America recently, so I'll tell you about it. • 主にコロナ前に旅行した日本、アジアの話 PyCon 関連および温泉の話ですが、最近アメ リカにも行ってきたので、そのお話を紹介しま す。
  9. introduction 3 • People attending COSCUP will often go to

    conferences in Asia and the United States. At that time, I think it would be nice if you could know that there is such a way to enjoy it. • COSCUPに参加する人たちはアジアやアメリカ のカンファレンスにいくことも良くあるでしょう。 そのときにこんな楽しみ方もあるんだというの を知ってもらえると良いかと思います。
  10. Japan/日本 • Many conferences were held in various parts of

    Japan./日本では多くのカンファレンスが各 地で開かれました。 • Introducing the PyCon conferences and hot springs I attended./私が参加した主なPyCon カンファレンスと温泉を紹介します。
  11. Japan PyCon • PyCon JP – https://pycon.jp/ • PyCon mini

    SAPPORO – https://sapporo.pycon.jp • PyCon mini Hiroshima – https://hiroshima.pycon.jp/ • PyCon Kyushu – https://kyushu.pycon.jp/
  12. 秘湯/ Hito is a hidden hot spring 秘湯(ひとう)は、主に山奥やかつては陸の孤島と 云われたような交通の便が悪い場所にあったり、古 来為政者や修験者などの隠し湯など、「ひっそり人

    知れず、秘境の地に湧出する温泉(湯)」のことを指 す。 Hito is a hidden hot spring mainly located deep in the mountains or in an inaccessible place such as an isolated island on the land, or a hidden hot spring for ancient statesmen and mountaineering ascetics
  13. 日本秘湯を守る会 https://www.hitou.or.jp/static/about_us バスも通わぬ交通の不便な小さな山の温泉宿33軒が 集まり創立 (略)日本の温泉のよさを保ち、環境保全 に努める経営理念を相互に啓発・啓蒙する温泉旅館 (ごく一部抜粋) A group of

    33 hot spring inns in a small mountain with inconvenient transportation and no bus service.A hot spring inn that maintains the good qualities of Japan's hot springs and enlightens and enlightens the management philosophy of striving for environmental conservation. (Excerpts and translations)
  14. Asia • Many conferences are also held in Asia. I

    mainly attended PyCon APAC through 2017 - 2019. • アジアでも多くのカンファレンスが開かれてい ます。私は主に2017-2019にかけてPyCon APAC中心に参加してきました。
  15. PyCon APAC • PyCon APAC 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    – https://pycon.my/homepage/ • PyCon APAC 2018 in Singapore – https://pycon.sg/archive/2018/index.html • PyCon APAC 2019 in Makati, Philippines – https://pycon.python.ph/
  16. USA/アメリカ • I went to America from the end of

    April to May. PyCon US 2022 was held in Salt Lake City for the first time in 3 years. • And because there was an award ceremony for the PSF Community Service Awards. • 4月末から5月にかけてアメリカにも行ってき ました。 • PyCon US 2022が3年振りにリアルでSLCで開 催されました。そしてPSF Community Service Awardsの受賞式があったためです。
  17. The PyCon JP Association team was awarded the 2021 Q4

    Community Service Award. Python Software Foundation award the 2021 Q4 Community Service Award to the following members of the PyCon JP Association for their work in organizing local and regional PyCons, the work of monitoring our trademarks, and in particular organizing the "PyCon JP Charity Talks" raising more than $25,000 USD in funds for the PSF: Manabu Terada, Takanori Suzuki, Takayuki Shimizukawa, Shunsuke Yoshida, Jonas Obrist. https://pyfound.blogspot.com/2022/05/
  18. World'S LARGEST HOTSPRING POOL Glenwood Hot Springs Pool 123m x

    30m 世界最大の温泉プール グレンウッド・ホットスプリングス・プール
  19. Japanese Border Measures 日本入国について • As individual tourist. of 7/1,

    it is not possible to enter Japan. The conditions are very complicated. • Negative proof test is also required. • The change is gradual, so please check the government website for the latest information. • 7/1現在は日本は個人での観光での入国が出来ま せん。条件はとても複雑で、陰性証明も必要です。 • 徐々に緩和されているので、最新の情報は政府の Webサイト等で確認してください。 • https://www.mhlw.go.jp/stf/covid- 19/bordercontrol.html
  20. Next PyCons! • PyCon JP 2022 – https://pycon.jp/ – 2022/10/14-16

    • PyCon APAC 2022 – https://tw.pycon.org/2022/en-us – 2022/09/03-04 • PyCon US 2023 – https://www.python.org/events/python-events/1145/ – 2023/04/19-23 • Python Events Calendars – https://www.python.org/events/