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The Government Data Portal for Germany

Konrad Reiche
September 12, 2013

The Government Data Portal for Germany

Fraunhofer FOKUS collaborated with the Federal Ministry of the Interior to build up the official open government data platform in Germany: govdata.de. This talk gives an introduction to open data use cases in Germany, how we approached and eventually architected the platform.

Konrad Reiche

September 12, 2013

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  1. Fraunhofer FOKUS 1 [email protected] | Berlin The Government Data Portal

    for Germany GovData.de Konrad Johannes Reiche | September 12, 2013 | Nancy, France
  2. Fraunhofer FOKUS 2 [email protected] | Berlin Open Government Data Government

    Data  Motives – Transparency – Innovation – Participation – Efficiency  Core Elements – Machine-readable data – Licenses – Accessibility Open Government Data Venn Diagram by justgrimes
  3. Fraunhofer FOKUS 3 [email protected] | Berlin Open Data Example #1

    mundraub.de  Many fruit bushes and fruit trees are unused  Wild fruits, private grower, organizations  Data about these plants is collected and published on http://www.mundraub.de  Data comes from people and administrations who submit their knowledge for the public use by hybrid.moment
  4. Fraunhofer FOKUS 4 [email protected] | Berlin Open Data Example #2

    Glass Recycling Container in Berlin  Glass Recycling Container in Berlin – City – Private Organizations  The Berlin Cleansing Department (BSR) has to clean around them  Problem BSR has no information about the location of many containers  Solution Local administrations do have data about the container’s location and help the BSR by making these data publicly available by Andreas Möller by pixelroiber
  5. Fraunhofer FOKUS 5 [email protected] | Berlin Metadata… …and Harvesting 

    Data is stored and managed distributed  Why? Centralized data is hardly feasible and beyond administrative  Heterogeneous data, distributed competence, conflict of interests  Metadata is used to describe the data  Distributed data storage with central metadata portal  Harvesting: Copying of metadata for making the data accessible, too Portal Document Dataset Dataset Document
  6. Fraunhofer FOKUS 6 [email protected] | Berlin Starting Point Data Portals

    of the Länder  Germany is a federalism – Consisting of 16 states (Länder) – Administrative power divided  Different Data Provider and Portals – Bavaria – Berlin – Bremen – Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) – Hamburg – Rostock – Environmental Information Portal (PortalU) – Geo Data Infrastructure Germany (GDI-DE) – Rhineland-Palatinate – and more… ? DeStatis (David Liuzzo)
  7. Fraunhofer FOKUS 7 [email protected] | Berlin Government Data Portal for

    Germany GovData.de  Launch February 19, 2013  http://www.govdata.de  Prototyped at Fraunhofer FOKUS  Different type of data – Datasets – Documents – Applications  Focus on free licenses – German Data License (de-dl,…) – Creative Commons (cc-by,…) – ...
  8. Fraunhofer FOKUS 8 [email protected] | Berlin Quantification in Numbers 

    February, 2013 – Datasets: 1,123 – Documents: 12 – Applications: 25 – Daily visitors: 2,000  March, 2013 – Daily visitors: 500  August, 2013 – Datasets: 3,797 – Documents: 230 – Applications 15 – Daily visitors: 300 Open Data Licenses on GovData.de
  9. Fraunhofer FOKUS 9 [email protected] | Berlin Building GovData.de Strategy 

    Repository software: CKAN (Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network) – Data catalogue for storing and distributing data – Developed by the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN) – Prevalent format: JSON – API offers REST Interface  Metadata Schema (OGD-Metadata) – Structure used to standardize and unify metadata by data providers – https://github.com/fraunhoferfokus/ogd-metadata – JSON Schema, keep it simple (few fields), e.g. document data origins – Why the hassle? Different data providers: very heterogeneous data – Make data accessible: unification needed – Schema not a mere tool, but communicator
  10. Fraunhofer FOKUS 10 [email protected] | Berlin Metadata Schema − Example

    Field Subfield Value Name waste-management-statistics-2013 Title Waste Management: Disposal and Treatment Facility Author Statistical Office Maintainer Juliane Sanger Tags Hessen, Berlin, Visualization, Classification … … … Extras Terms of Use ID: cc-by URL: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0 Spatial Coordinates: [[15.02, 47.16], [15.02, 47.16]] Original Portal http://www.regionalstatistik.de … ….
  11. Fraunhofer FOKUS 11 [email protected] | Berlin Architecture GovData.de Portal (Liferay)

    Information Pool (Web Portal + CMS) User Interface for the Data Catalog Indexer + Thesaurus CKAN CSW/CKAN Harvester REST Interface Browser Apps Web Sites of Public Authorities Subject Catalogs (Geo Data, etc.) Open Data Catalogs (Berlin, Bavaria, Bremen, etc.) REST Interface
  12. Fraunhofer FOKUS 12 [email protected] | Berlin What’s next? Outlook 

    Open data has to be understood as a process  Active communication with current, but also to-be data providers to get more data, but especially more interesting data to GovData.de  Quality of metadata plays a crucial role – Influences the discoverability and searchability – Needs to be improved constantly  GovData.de and its metadata schema should not be an isolated application – Schema compatibility with Government Data Austria (data.gv.at) – DCAT: RDF vocabulary to facilitate interoperability between data catalogs
  13. Fraunhofer FOKUS 13 [email protected] | Berlin Metadata Harvesting Techniques 

    CKAN to CKAN  JSON to CKAN  ISO 19115 to CKAN  CKAN API