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Impostor Syndrome

2ed277a8bb1cc68c943fd84f3ce32782?s=47 Kylie
October 07, 2014

Impostor Syndrome

Slides from my talk on impostor syndrome in our community, given at the Athens, GA Developer Meetup On 7 Oct 2014.



October 07, 2014


  1. the software development community has a problem

  2. it’s illogical it’s emotional it’s widespread

  3. vampires

  4. vampires …sort of

  5. impostor syndrome

  6. None
  7. developer toolkit

  8. provide distractions

  9. engage beginner and intermediate level developers in projects (vampires hate

  10. • ask beginner developers to help • share your code

    (if you can) • offer code review • rubber duck
  11. surround yourself

  12. encourage growth and leadership of intermediate developers (vampires hate this)

  13. • invite jr level developers to speak • host events

    where beginner developers are comfortable asking questions • encourage jr devs to mentor beginners • hire interns (of all ages)
  14. let the sun shine in

  15. Make your community bright & welcoming (vampires hate this)

  16. • talk to new people • watch your jargon

  17. developer toolkit

  18. KyFaSt