From Code Smells to Code Sense - RailsConf 2019 - Kyle Annen, Cyrus Vandrevala - 8th Light

From Code Smells to Code Sense - RailsConf 2019 - Kyle Annen, Cyrus Vandrevala - 8th Light

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Opinionated web frameworks like Rails allow us to focus on what’s unique to our domain, rather than reinventing the wheel. But under deadline pressures, we often find ourselves with a codebase that works in the short term, but takes more and more effort over time to extend, test, and maintain.

To speed our development back up and make coding fun again, we need to be able to recognize issues and refactor them away. In this workshop, we will explore some strategies for identifying common code smells in production Rails apps, and get hands-on practice in cleaning them up.

Cyrus Vandrevala
Cyrus Vandrevala is a crafter at 8th Light who has developed software in a variety of industries covering finance, insurance, travel, and education. He is passionate about sharing knowledge and has helped developers acquire new skills through training sessions including object-oriented development, DevOps philosophies, and Agile methodologies. Before joining 8th Light, Cyrus earned his Ph.D. in physics from Purdue University.

Kyle Annen
Kyle Annen is a software crafter at 8th Light in Chicago who is passionate about functional languages, object oriented languages, DevOps, and building sustainable systems. Kyle learned programming through online open access bootcamps prior to joining 8th Light. His past career in business took him around the world, including building low income housing in the borderlands of Mexico, and he spent half a decade working in Shanghai, China.


Kyle Annen

April 30, 2019