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Reschedule a Citizenship Test

Reschedule a Citizenship Test

'Reschedule a Citizenship Test' service developed by my product team at the Canadian Digital Service. Presented to Marta Morgan, the Deputy Minister of the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) government department.



May 11, 2018


  1. Reschedule a citizenship test User-centred service delivery @kyliehavelock

  2. Let’s start with the numbers

  3. Number of requests to reschedule per year 1,488 in the

    Vancouver office alone
  4. 50% request to reschedule within 1 day

  5. 50% request to reschedule within 1 day 71% request to

    reschedule within 7 days
  6. 12,740 call centre enquiries related to citizenship from the Vancouver

  7. Who are our users?

  8. 23 major language families

  9. 190 countries of origin

  10. 11% more likely to access government services online

  11. What problems are we trying to solve?

  12. I want to move forward with my citizenship process but

    I don’t want it to disrupt my life
  13. We put clients through a lot of stress because we

    don’t make decisions, and we don’t hear back from the local office
  14. We spend a lot of time going back and forth,

    clients don’t give us the information we need upfront
  15. Solving whole problems

  16. have no one to care for their children can’t take

    the day off work, or can’t afford to have a work trip, or need to visit family Families Workers Travellers
  17. 7 delivery channels

  18. 5% don’t have an email address

  19. weeks 8

  20. What are the opportunities?

  21. Applicants expect to be able to “book” their test rather

    than providing availability and waiting to hear back
  22. Reschedule a citizenship test GCMS API and shared data

  23. Check my status Book a citizenship ceremony GCMS API and

    shared data Reschedule a citizenship test
  24. To process a single test reschedule takes 20 minutes

  25. To process a single test reschedule takes 20 minutes 3

    minutes …or as part of a larger batch
  26. Applicant Staff BELA

  27. Applicant Staff

  28. Vision A clear, simple and fast service that allows future

    citizens to reschedule their test for a time that meets their needs Facilitate effective communication between call centre and local office staff Build the foundations for further service transformation