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Human-centred service delivery

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November 08, 2018

Human-centred service delivery

Case studies of human-centred service delivery, presented at the FWD50 tech conference in Ottawa



November 08, 2018


  1. Human-centred service delivery @kyliehavelock

  2. Hello FWD50! @kyliehavelock

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  4. Welcome to Ottawa!

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  8. Technology is easy.

  9. Technology is easy. Government is hard.

  10. Technology is easy. Government is hard. People are hard.

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  12. Largest transactional service in the Ministry of Justice 1.3m paper

    forms posted each year
  13. Offenders who maintain family relationships and receive visits while in

    custody are 38% less likely to reoffend
 than those who do not receive visits
  14. 70% of bookings made online Fully accessible Live availability of

    visiting times
  15. Saving 2 minutes
 per booking 23
 full time staff freed

    up to focus on safety and rehabilitation
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  17. 200,000 people became Canadians citizens Last year

  18. Legislative improvements to the Citizenship Act have prompted an increase

    of 40% in the number of applications
  19. 95% of users notified by email Clear, simple and easy

    to understand Positive tone
  20. 70% fewer paper requests 10% to 3% reduction in the

    number of requests needing follow-up from staff
  21. Technology will not solve your business problem.

  22. Technology will not solve your business problem. People will.

  23. Thank you FWD50! @kyliehavelock