Translating Scala programs to Isabelle with Leon

A1216674d5c9747bcdcc716872439137?s=47 Lars Hupel
September 08, 2015

Translating Scala programs to Isabelle with Leon

Leon is a system for verifying functional Scala programs. It uses a variety of automated theorem provers (ATPs) to check verification conditions (VCs) stemming from the input program. This process is completely automatic: no user intervention is required for proving these conditions. Isabelle, on the other hand, is an interactive theorem prover used to verify mathematical specifications using its own input language Isabelle/Isar. Users specify inductive definitions and write proofs about them manually, albeit with the help of semi-automated tactics.

In this work, I have connected Isabelle as an underlying solver for Leon verification conditions. While Isabelle is much weaker in terms of automation, this has two advantages: Firstly, proofs in Isabelle, even those generated from automated tactics, have are justified against a minimal inference kernel. As opposed to ATPs, which are complex pieces of software, it is far less likely that a kernel-certified proof is unsound. Secondly, Isabelle's premier logic, HOL, has seen years of development of rich mathematical libraries. Proofs carried out in Isabelle have access to that, which means that there's a great potential for reuse of existing developments.


Lars Hupel

September 08, 2015