SymfonyCon2017 - Auditing Symfony Apps

1c628500046eda855fd44285019aa588?s=47 lenardpalko
November 17, 2017

SymfonyCon2017 - Auditing Symfony Apps

Often clients already have a working product that they want to improve. In these cases starting to work on the project right away may turn into a development nightmare. Therefore assessing the technical status of the product is very important. Depending on the needs of the client this can be done from several points of view : technical standards, maintainability, performance, security, etc.

This talk is going to cover how can you prepare an audit of a Symfony application, what should you look out for and how can the result of the audit impact further development on the project. I will talk also about what I found to be the best tools for the job and how can you get clients to see the benefits of it.



November 17, 2017