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Design For Developers

Design For Developers

A lot of developers have a lot of trouble coming up with a simple design. When the time comes that they want to build a side project, the interface might end up looking like something out of a 2-year-old's coloring workbook.
This talk highlights simple steps that developers can follow to come up with simple yet elegant designs for their projects.

Linda Ikechukwu

July 13, 2019

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  1. Design : Simple guidelines that can help you (developers) build

    basic interfaces that are effective and visually appealing. LINDA IKECHUKWU @_QUEENNERD
  2. Cluster ▪Line components and items with grid based designs. ▪Let

    your pages breathe, be generous with whitespace. ▪Be consistent. LINDA IKECHUKWU @_QUEENNERD
  3. Colors Step 1 : Choose a starting color ▪Use what

    you have e.g. colors from existing logo. ▪Do not use your competitors colors and don’t default to stereotypes if you can help it. ▪Think about your target audience and what you want them to feel. Use www.color-meanings.com to find out which colors describe that feeling. LINDA IKECHUKWU @_QUEENNERD
  4. Colors Step 2 : Pick a shade. ▪Now that you

    have a starting color, you can use www.dribbble.com/colors to pick your preferred shade. Step 3 : Pick a complimentary color for contrast and highlighting e.g. headings, buttons and important tips. ▪ Use www.canva.com/colors/color-wheel/ to find a complimentary color to your base color LINDA IKECHUKWU @_QUEENNERD
  5. Color Step 4 : Your palette ▪ White + Black

    + Base Color + Complimentary Color Other Helpful sites : ▪www.color-blindness.com ▪www.coolors.com LINDA IKECHUKWU @_QUEENNERD
  6. Typography ▪Use lesser number of fonts. 2 from the same

    family is a safe bet. ▪Use fancy fonts sparingly , they increase clutter. ▪Vary weights to differentiate importance and bits. ▪Useful site : Typefont.com LINDA IKECHUKWU @_QUEENNERD
  7. Images Always use retina quality images Useful sites : ▪Unsplash.com

    ▪Photopin.com ▪Undraw.co LINDA IKECHUKWU @_QUEENNERD
  8. Actions ▪Make important actions/messages (e.g. buttons, widgets, headlines) easy to

    find and use by using brighter colors and bigger/bolder fonts. LINDA IKECHUKWU @_QUEENNERD
  9. Content : Less is More ▪ Use less number of

    words to pass your message across. ▪ Break up content into shorter paragraphs and bullet points where applicable. ▪ Remember the whitespace rule, be generous. ▪ Highlight / bolden important phrases in sentences. LINDA IKECHUKWU @_QUEENNERD