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Comfortable service experiences created with LINE MINI App

Comfortable service experiences created with LINE MINI App

Ai Shimogori
LINE Developer Product Management Team Product Manager


LINE DevDay 2020

November 27, 2020


  1. None
  2. Where we were, Where we go Expansion of life on

  3. • 2011.06 ~ • 3 months after great east Japan

  4. LINE rapid growth to No.1 messenger (as of Sep. 2020)

    User 86 million (JP) DAU / MAU 85% (JP) Daily average message 4 billion 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 2011.06 2011.12 2012.04 2012.07 2012.11 2013.01 100 million 50 million (as of 2019) (as of Sep. 2020)
  5. None
  6. Digital Transformation (DX) Wireless society Smart city Internet of things

    (IoT) Wearable AI Big data 5G network AR VR Home connected Smart speaker OCR Face recognition Robotic process automation (RPA)
  7. Integrated experience over online/offline After Before Shopping in a physical

    shop EC Online Offline Physical shop  (2019)     
  8. Touch point after digital transformation High touch Low touch Tech

    touch   !  (2019)      1-to-1 human communication 1-to-many human communication Digital communication w/o human High frequency Less valuable opportunity
  9. LINE MINI App 2020.07 START

  10. LINE MINI App benefits HIGH USER COVERAGE - Enable to

    reach 86 million LINE users WIDE TOUCH POINTS - Various and close touch points around user’s life LOW DEVELOPMENT COST - LINE MINI App is web-application (HTML, CSS, Java script)
  11. What is the difference with existing app Native App 

    How easy to start Retention Web App
  12. Membership card + EC – PAL CLOSET   

                 üUser MoM +200% üOA friend +100k, and decreased OA block üEC sales via LINE 5 times
  13. Hair salon reservation – mille     

         üLINE MINI App is the most used reservation way ü90% of user want to use LINE MINI App continuously
  14. What we need to keep under COVID-19 For customer: Social

    Distance For shop: Business Booming
  15. Waiting list - matoca Scan QR code in physical shop

    Conform waiting list Get remind notification just before your turn Select shop on LINE MINI App Get in the line ü98% of user in the waiting list use LINE MINI App üDecreased claim from neighborhoods
  16. Waiting list - Sushiro $"! "# '$""" $"!  &##!

     $"! $#    ! !'"! #%#' ##  # #!## $"#!'$!#$!
  17. Waiting list – AISEI pharmacy Submit reservation time Remind notification

    Wait in outside QR code on flyer Access from LINE Official Account üLINE MINI App is most-used than web/native app üRepeat ratio is 80% Upload prescription
  18. PoC result summary Service user increase LINE Official Account friend

    increase Retention up
  19. Overall Mechanism

  20. None
  21. Device LINE Messenger app LINE Front-end Framework (LIFF) on-LINE-ad (Home

    tab listing ad / Search result) LINE family service
  22. Device LINE Messenger app LINE Front-end Framework (LIFF) Application publishing

    platform to add on-LINE-ad on-LINE-ad (Home tab listing ad / Search result) LINE family service LIFF App
  23. Wide touch points

  24. QR code NFC tag OFFLINE LINE Official Account Share to

    friend HP / SNS LINE home tab COMMUNICATION ONLINE Major touch points to LINE MINI App Service messenger
  25. OFFLINE – QR code / NFC tag

  26. COMMUNICATION – Service message ü Message to confirm/respond for user’s

    action ü Prohibited to use except other purpose, likes sales promotion and event announcement ü User can’t block message
  27. ONLINE – LINE home tab and Pin

  28. Membership

  29. Auto-login always

  30. How to fetch membership info (as a part of ID

    token payload)
  31. Payment, Coupon, Point

  32. How to implement LINE Pay check out

  33. Data Analytics

  34. EC, Waiting list Reservation CDP/DMP (LINE uid is linked) Target

    user list - UserID - Result Order system OES/POS etc Integrated with LINE Official Account API LINE Official Account Service Message LINE MINI App - Who with whom - When - Which item - Order - Cancel Send message by using user data Display ad distribution to get new user Service Message LINE MINI App Scenario how to use consumer data                
  35. Consumer protection

  36. LINE MINI App review process 35 Provider get LINE MINI

    App planning template from entry site Provider apply MINI App planning doc. after confirming development doc. Plan review by LINE LINE MINI App development, test by provider Test by LINE Publish on-LINE-ad Start Plan Review Plan Review App Review Release Self-development LINE MINI App SaaS Apply to LINE MINI App SaaS Order SaaS partner apply review Publish on-LINE-ad Release By LINE MINI App SaaS
  37. Roadmap Phase3 Open to all developers Phase2 Reference app creation

    by reviewing each plan Phase1 PoC with limited business domain and partners 2021.XX LINE MINI App grand open 2020.07 LINE MINI App entry start 2019.06 LINE MINI App concept announcement at LINE CONFERENCE 2019 LINE MINI App SaaS expansion
  38. Development efficiency

  39. Development efficiency LIFF improve development efficiency as a front-end framework

    NPM package and type script has been released in 2020 LIFF move forward to web-oriented more New features (plugin, LUI) are under internal trial. It will be open in 2021
  40. None
  41. If your service is created with LINE MINI App ?

  42. We’re looking forward your entry  !!!#   

     #  " !!!#         
  43. Thank you