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KubeCon 2019 NAから見るServerless × k8sの現状 / State of Serverless x k8s in KubeCon 2019 NA

KubeCon 2019 NAから見るServerless × k8sの現状 / State of Serverless x k8s in KubeCon 2019 NA

2019/12/14に開催されたServerlessDays Fukuoka 2019での萬治による登壇資料です

LINE Developers

December 14, 2019

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  1. KubeCon 2019 NAから見る Serverless × k8sの現状 Wataru Manji - Verda

    Reliability Engineering, LINE Corp. 2019.12 Serverless Day Fukuoka
  2. Overview: KubeCon 2019 NA Topics: Serverless × k8s Sessions overview:

    Knative and Kubeflow Impressions Knative Usecase on Verda 01 02 03 04 05 Agenda 2
  3. 3 Wataru Manji Engineer - LINE Corp. 2019.06~: Verda Reliability

    Engineering Roles: - OpenStack Service Monitoring - Networking Monitoring - DevOps Design / Management Verda: LINE’s Private Infra Platform About me
  4. SanDiego: 2019/11/18 ~ 11/21 Overview of KubeCon 2019 NA 4

    - The world's largest event for Kubernetes and CloudNative - Attendees: over 10,000 (really?) - Sessions: about 400 - Major Topics: Scaling, Security, Networking, Devops, Monitoring, ...
  5. Knative, Kubeflow and KEDA Topic: Serverless × k8s 6 -

    Quite few sessions that tagged serverless (about 1%) - Most of the k8s users are using services such as GKE, and aren't thinking to manage the serverless service on their own. - The following 3 products were talked about: - Knative - Kubeflow - KEDA - Knative, Kubeflow sessions had many practical contents
  6. K8s-based platform to build, deploy, and manage modern serverless workloads

    Knative 7 - Provides a FaaS platform that runs on k8s - Used as the backend of Cloud Run on GCP - Managed by Google
  7. Knative Sessions Summary 8 - Cloud Native Smart Contract with

    Knative Jay Guo & Ying Chun Guo, IBM - As the title - Serverless Platform for Large Scale Mini-Apps: From Knative to Production Yitao Dong & Ke Wang, Ant Financial - Accelerate containers running on Knative with hot stanby
  8. Deploy and manage an ML stack on Kubernetes Kubeflow 9

    - Builds a convenient env set on k8s for machine learning operators (likes TensorFlowExtended) - Provides multi-step ML workflow - Abstract model handling
  9. Kubeflow Sessions Summary 10 - Nuclio : KubeFlow Serverless’s component

    Orit Nissan-Messing, Iguazio - In addition to Kubeflow, examples and demonstrations of performing processing at high speed using Serverless data I/O component called Nuclio were shown.
  10. K8s-based Event Driven Auto-scaling component KEDA 11 - Provides a

    FaaS platform that runs on k8s (likes Knative) - Supports events issued by Kafka and etc.. - Developed by Microsoft
  11. KEDA Sessions Summary 12 - KEDA: Event Driven and Serverless

    Containers in Kubernetes Jeff Hollan, Microsoft - KEDA function introduction
  12. Serverless Platform for Large Scale Mini-Apps: From Knative to Production

    https://kccncna19.sched.com/event/Uad9/serverless-platform-for-large-scale-mini-apps-from-knative-to-production-yitao-dong-ke-wang-ant-financial Interested Session: 13 - Reduced the time from event issuance to pod activation to 1/10 - Implemented pool based pre-warming - Reduce costs per tenant by sharing Knative controllers among tenants - Implemented multitenancy in cluster by namespace and RBAC - Scalability for large clusters - Virtually sharding a Cluster and setting up a each controller
  13. Serverless × k8s Impressions 14 - Why bother to implement

    Serverless on theirs k8s? → I think there are two reasons: - They want to easily manage workloads that require a lot of resources. - They want to make effective use of resources in their cluster. - I think it is still immature but is developing at high speed - If you use both Serverless and k8s on Public Cloud etc., I think it is worth paying attention.
  14. What is Verda Knative Usecase on Verda 15 Verda is

    LINE’s Private Infra Platform ・about 45,000 VMs ・about 10,000 baremetal server ・k8s as a service ・function as a service ・various managed services
  15. What is Verda's motivation Knative Usecase on Verda 16 IaaS

    functions are enriched but there are few functions for automating operations with event-base → Provide FaaS for centrally managing events and promoting operational automation
  16. Side-effect Knative Usecase on Verda 17 VMs are heavily used,

    but the average load is not high… (The cost per VM is not cheap!) → VMs just for executing batches should be replaced with FaaS more detail: https://speakerdeck.com/line_devday2019/cloud-native-challenges-in-private-cloud-with-k8s-knative
  17. Currently Status of VFS (Verda Function Service) Knative Usecase on

    Verda 18 - Recently released in Production - Supported events: - HTTP, Cron - Change server and network status - Change project and member information - etc - Active in event-driven operations and batch processing
  18. Next challenges Knative Usecase on Verda 19 - Increase support

    runtime - Increase support events - Maintenance notice - Monitoring alert - etc - Function Pipeline
  19. Interested in LINE's Infra platform? We are Hiring!!! 20 Verda

    in LINE Fukuoka: - Network > Software L7 load balancer development - Infra software > Monitoring and provisioning automation development - SRE > Operation, automation and user support