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客服是個好問題!3個利用機器學習提升正確率的實務心得首度公開! / Three practices to improve customer services chatbot satisfaction

客服是個好問題!3個利用機器學習提升正確率的實務心得首度公開! / Three practices to improve customer services chatbot satisfaction


LINE Developers

February 25, 2019


  1. 客服是個好問題!3個提升客服機器⼈人滿意度的實務⼼心得⾸首 度公開! Shawn TSAI LINE TAIWAN 2019.02.25

  2. Background Data Machine Learning Answer Selection Intent Detection Chatbots Fit

    Chatbots Into Your Services 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 Contents
  3. Shawn TSAI Application Analyst Technical Consultant Chatbots Developer Data Engineer/Scientist

  4. Background

  5. The Traditional Experience • Find contact info and all contact

    number • Navigate through a sequence of touch to nes • Wait on hold until a specialist is available • Step through a sequence of verifications • (Get told you need to talk with a different representative) • Finally, get an answer The Chatbots Experience • Open the messenger and find the compa ny account • Start the conversation • Receive rich media feedback (text + imag e + hyperkinks) Customer Services Interactions
  6. Main Trends • High mobile penetration • High traffic on

    messenger apps • Conversational interface is the most natural interactions - advances in AI Why Can Chatbots Make It Happen? ※資料來來源 ***** ***** ***** *****
  7. Benefits • 24/7 • Easy to engage and access •

    Multiple channels of engagement • Enable a consistent experience and can reduce chance of human error • Cost effective • Incorporate rich media
  8. Chatbots Data ML LINE HELP ※資料來來源 ***** ***** ***** *****

    Building Blocks
  9. Data

  10. Data Collection Category Questions Answers Other 我無法⽤用iCloud備份聊天紀錄,因為選單中沒有出現「備份聊天紀錄」的選項 請嘗試執⾏行行下列列操作步驟執⾏行行基本排除。 1. 將LINE升級⾄至最新版本

    2. 將作業裝置更更新⾄至最新版本 Account 我有⼀一個帳號剛剛被疑似被停權了了 請問該如何處理理 若若您使⽤用LINE時發現有無法使⽤用的問題,請透過下⽅方的 問題反應表,將詳細的問題發⽣生內容及情形敘述在信件 中,由我的夥伴為您處理理! Account LINE 如何綁定e-mail 帳號 關於設定電⼦子郵件帳號的操作⽅方法,請參參閱下列列設定步 驟。1. 依序點選「好友」>「設定」(⿒齒輪輪圖⽰示)> 「我的帳號」>「電⼦子郵件帳號」 Other 近會遇到line的對話框空⽩白還有閃退的問題 若若在聊天時發⽣生LINE應⽤用程式⾃自動關閉問題的狀狀況,有 可能是因為⾏行行動裝置記憶體不⾜足所導致。建議您可以嘗 試以下操作步驟: Account 我的line 帳⼾戶 之前不⼩小⼼心誤刪 導致我的⾃自費貼圖不⾒見見了了 請問能還原嗎 帳號⼀一經刪除,您設定的電話號碼、好友名單及群組列列 表、聊天記錄等所有的資料將⼀一併被刪除,且已刪除的 帳號及資料也無法復原。
  11. Data Preprocessing 我的貼圖消失了,該怎麼辦? 我的貼圖消失了 該怎麼辦 Remove Punctuation 我/ 的/ 貼圖/

    消失/ 了/ 該/ 怎麼辦/ Word Segmentation 我/ 的/ 貼圖/ 消失/ 了/ 該/ 怎麼辦/ Stop Words 貼圖/4581 消失/945 怎麼辦/6892 Vectorize = (4581, 945, 6892) (4581, 945, 6892, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0) Padding
  12. Collaboration

  13. Machine Learning

  14. Natural Language Understanding 為何升級iOS11.0後常收不到提醒

  15. Answer Selection – LSTM-CNN Model Use LSTM to extract features

    with word ordering Use CNN to extract features with neighborhood I sentence matrix LSTM encoder embedding dim. love my new iphone :) <PAD> <PAD> <PAD> convolutional fea ture map encoding dim. max pooling n = 2 n = 3 n = 5 activation
  16. Question Suggestion

  17. Intent Detection input train word e mbedding train NN classifier

    training prediction label AWE input apply word embedding AWE apply NN classifier
  18. Data Processing Pipeline ※資料來來源 ***** ***** ***** ***** Raw Data

    Labelled QA Pairs Preprocess Vectorize LSTM+CNN Evaluation Serving Labelling Training Production
  19. Analytics & Visualization

  20. Conversation Flow Intents An intent performs an action in response

    to natural language user input Utterances Spoken or typed phrases that invoke your intent Slots Slots are input data required to fulfill the intent Fulfillment Provide the content or service for your int ent LINE QA
  21. Chatbots

  22. Chatbots - LINE Messaging API

  23. Chatbots – Flex Message

  24. Chatbots – Flex Message ※資料來來源 ***** ***** ***** *****

  25. Chatbots – Flex Message Simulator ※資料來來源 ***** ***** ***** *****

  26. Chatbots – Rich Menu ※資料來來源 ***** ***** ***** ***** {

    “size” : { “width” : 2500, “height” : 1686 }, “selected”: false, “name”: “Nice richmenu”, “chatBarText”: “Tap here”, “areas”: [ { “bounds”: { “x”: 0, “y”: 0, “width”: 2500, “height”: 1686 }, “action”: { “type”: “postback”, “data”: “action=buy&itemid=123” } } ] }
  27. Chatbots – LINE URL Scheme line:// line://nv/location line://nv/camera line://ti/p/{LINE_id} line://nv/more

  28. Chatbots – LIFF

  29. Fit Chatbots Into Your Services

  30. Review Your Data And Refresh It Quickly Starting by identifying

    the most common questions in your services. These could be the most repeated interactions t hat could be handled by chatbots. And, a quick cycle is the key to make chatbots work with your existing service so r efresh your data quickly. Fit Chatbots Into Your Services Identify Escalation Timing Escalation timing is the moment when a user feels unsatisfied with chatbots responses and seeks help from human a gents. Knowing the timing could make your chatbots handle users friendly. Define An Appropriate Conversation Flow Chatbots development is not just a programming job. When an user interacts with chatbots, they’re expecting chatbo ts could speak the same language as they do, so chatbots should understand the terms and the way users speak in t he specific domain. Use Analytic Tools Well With analytics tool, you can monitor how chatbots are working. Bring your chatbots and humans together, to improve the chatbots performance and users’ satisfaction.
  31. THANK YOU LINE客服⼩小幫⼿手 測試版