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DSP ML Team, LINE Machine Learning Dept

July 01, 2021

DSP ML Team, LINE Machine Learning Dept

2021年7月1日に開催した「LINE Machine Learning室 採用説明会」にて
使用したMachine Learning室 DSP ML Teamの紹介資料です。


July 01, 2021

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  1. Real Time Bidding RTT < 50ms LINE SSP Supply Side

    Platform LINE DSP Demand Side Platform BidRequest BidResponse
  2. Machine Learning for ADs LINE DSP Demand Side Platform ⚫

    CTR (Click-Through Rate) Optimization ⚫ CVR (Conversion Rate) Optimization ⚫ VR (View Rate) Optimization ⚫ Budget Optimization ⚫ Auto Bidding ⚫ etc. . Bid Price = Bid Amount × pCTR × pCVR Rank Ads CTR Models CVR Models FwFM, etc.. DFM FM, etc..
  3. Project 例: User x Ad Similarity embedding user id embedding

    ad item id ∫ FM user features (age, gender, etc.) ad features site features others
  4. 技術スタック ⚫Python / Java / Kotlin / Go ⚫Spring Framework

    ⚫gRPC ⚫Redis ⚫Kafka ⚫Spark / Hive ⚫Kubernetes ⚫Argo Workflow ⚫Ansible / Drone.io / Jenkins ⚫Prometheus / Grafana We are Hiring Let’s learn, build and WOW users together
  5. System Overview ap-worker Kafka Receiver imp, click, .. Consumer Kafka

    Redis Joiner Kafka joined event Kafka base event Worker Worker Worker Feature Redis join click & imp Batch Batch Argo Workflow DSP-ML Kubernetes