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What's New in LINE APIs 2020

What's New in LINE APIs 2020

LINE Developers Thailand

April 29, 2020

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  1. What’s New in LINE APIs 2020 Jirawat Karanwittayakarn Tech Evangelist,

    LINE Thailand Warit Wanwithu Developer Relations, LINE Thailand
  2. Developers LINE Emoji in Text message { "type": "text", "text":

    "Look at this: $ It's a LINE emoji!", "emojis": [ { "index": 14, "productId": "5ac1bfd5040ab15980c9b435", "emojiId": "001" } ] } https://d.line-scdn.net/r/devcenter/sendable_line_emoji_list.pdf
  3. Developers api.line.me New Content Domain Must be updated by Tomorrow

    api-data.line.me Get Content Upload Rich Menu Image Download Rich Menu Image
  4. Developers liff.ready liff.ready.then(() => { if (!liff.isLoggedIn()) { liff.login() }

    }) await liff.init({ liffId: "YOUR-LIFF-ID" }) Guarantee to execute any processes after liff.init()