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Agile Product Development in Larger Companies

0ee0f29e8f94b94a9ed3a114f028855b?s=47 Lior Sion
December 07, 2013

Agile Product Development in Larger Companies

Agile product development, some lessons learned and differences between doing it in a small startup and large companies


Lior Sion

December 07, 2013

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  1. "תולוכי תולודג תורבח המו פאטראטסב רצומ להנל ךיא הזמ דומלל!

    Agile Product Dev The all around picture
  2. Who am I to talk? ❖ Co-founder, CTO, Product @overvyoo!

    ❖ CTO, Product @gettaxi! ❖ CTO @clarizen! ❖ Technology is my passion! ❖ Product is my game! ❖ Nevo and Tamar are what I’m known for
  3. What is agile? ❖ Practical hints and methods! ❖ Be

    more successful! ❖ What is successful?
  4. Agile Product ❖ Product - the bridge between sales, marketing,

    R&D and strategy! ❖ AKA - the person that knows the least in every meeting! ❖ Work in cycles - plan, execute, analyze! ❖ vs. Plan, plan, plan, plan, execute, see what went wrong.
  5. Why do it? ❖ Because it’s faster?! ❖ Because it’s

    considered the best?! ❖ Because programmers want to?! ❖ Because Nasdaq/Investors loves it?
  6. Why do it? ❖ Because we have to

  7. Startup Life ❖ Target: Product fit! ❖ Speed - fast

    cycles! ❖ Technology - not set in stone ! ❖ Strategy - not set in stone
  8. Lorem Ipsum Dolor Enterprise Target: Monetize ! Speed - but

    needs to be stable! Technology - now, improve! Strategy - no, tactics
  9. The bigger the company.. ❖ HR Issue! ❖ The right

    people (hiring, communicating)! ❖ Communication! ❖ Ownership! ❖ Planning and Confidence
  10. Big companies need to learn ❖ It’s not a hype,

    it’s a necessity! ❖ Huge old(er) companies are using it (Toyota, IBM)! ❖ It’s all about the people* * always
  11. Evangelize in a big company ❖ Understand the fear! ❖

    Understand the need! ❖ Understand the traps
  12. Prepare ❖ Have patience! ❖ It takes time to win

    people over! ❖ It takes time to show results! ❖ Have a plan! ❖ It helps people see it’s not just chaos! ❖ It’s always good to have a plan! ❖ Make sure people are aligned! ❖ People don’t like surprises
  13. Summary Startup!! Bigger Company The Need Market Fit Monetize Speed

    Reach Stable Technology Create Improve Strategy Forumlate Execute Communication Easy Hard HR Controlled Uncontrolled