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Development Under Fire

0ee0f29e8f94b94a9ed3a114f028855b?s=47 Lior Sion
February 26, 2013

Development Under Fire

Presentation to ISOC-IL for development under fire - the emergency related conference


Lior Sion

February 26, 2013

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  1. + ShelterFinder דואמ רצק רופיס

  2. + A little about me n  Hacker, developer, product n 

    Father to Nevo n  CTO at GetTaxi, Clarizen and others.. n  Starting a new thing.. n  Long distance runner http://about.me/liorsion @liorsion on twitter
  3. +

  4. + ShelterFinder

  5. + What I had to do n  Fast to develop

    n  Fast to distribute n  Easily updatable (data + fixes) n  Efficient and fast n  Make it interesting for me
  6. + Tech and Buzzwords n  Official Open Api – Good

    idea, problematic implementation n  Social hacking to the rescue n  Result was even better at the end n  No server side n  Hosting on my personal site n  Hosting on dropbox (!) n  Hosting on amazon n  Javascript only solution n  HTML5 + Javascript n  Google Fusion
  7. + What can you take from it? n  You don’t

    have to be overly technical n  Although you do need to know SOME things n  Read, know what are the tools around you n  Talk, get help from others n  There are some great tools already, and.. n  Things are improving n  Think outside the box n  Just do it.